Suivo is Garmin Authorized Partner for the Benelux to support the full range of Garmin’s dedicated fleet products:

Fleet-ready Navigation (“Serial FMI”)
Garmin Telematics Platform (NEW) and
Garmin Accessories

More freedom and flexibility

Suivo extends the partnership between Garmin and Suivo even more. The result: It has never been easier to manage your fleet and communicate efficiently with your drivers.

Besides the full range of Fleet-Ready Navigators (Nüvi and Dezl) connected to the Suivo Full Install Unit, Suivo also fully integrates the Garmin Telematics Platform (Fleet 590™). A plug-and-play device giving you access to a complete portable fleet management solution that doesn’t require any installation procedure. Moreover, Suivo provides you a range of Garmin products including anti-theft devices, ecoRoute HD and dash cams.

Telematics Platform: Dispatch & Communicate

The real-time tracking and communication tools on Fleet 590™ ensure a more efficient cooperation between fleet managers and drivers. Two-way messaging and dispatch tasks with read receipts, pop-up messages and message templates make it easier for office staff and mobile employees to exchange essential information. Simply send your jobs direct from an Excel file or your ERP via our Suivo API. Result: Less manual work, fewer phone calls and better overview on what’s happening.

Mobile Time Clock: Registers Working Hours

The Suivo Fleet Management Solution features on the Garmin Fleet 590™ ensure more detailed reports and facilitate the registration of working hours thanks to up to 16 advanced driver and passenger identification statuses.

Driver Awareness

Double Your Savings: reduce time and money spent on costly vehicle diagnostic. Suivo and Garmin EcoRoute HD provide fuel savings by tapping into your vehicle’s diagnostic system to give you & your drivers direct accurate fuel consumption data.

Get Real-time Diagnostics.
With Garmins unique ecoRoute HD you monitor the engine performance and receive reports direct to your screen, including manifold pressure, air intake temperature, timing advance and more.

Best Traffic Solutions

Digital Traffic receives updates up to every 30 seconds, making it up to 10 times faster than other traffic systems.
That valuable information can help you decide whether to stay the course or find another route . Digital Traffic brought to your fleet management solution is useful, dedicated traffic information and it’s free — no distracting advertising and no subscription fees, ever.

Garmin Smartphone Link App

Connect your compatible smartphone to your Nüvi or Dezl fleet management solution to share contacts, search results, favorite locations, your driving destination, and even your last parking spot.
Through Smartphone Link, your Dezl or Nüvi can also access Garmin Live Services for useful, real-time driving information such as Live Traffic and Weather Forecasts.

Reliable, Easy-to-use HD Driving Recorder

The Eyewitness That Never Blinks.
Garmin Dash Cam records audio and video, and extents your fleet management solution by adding valuable images, just when you need it.

When an incident – like hard braking or a collision – is detected, your camera knows to save the current, last and next recordings; thereby, preserving a complete record of the event.

No need to worry about starting and stopping

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