For more advanced solutions, our Carbon package is the one. Starting with a BlackBox connected to your asset's engine, you're all set. We've made lots of hardware and software options to create your perfect business case.

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The more valuable your asset, the more interesting it becomes to visualize its data for your business processes.


GPS tracking hardware

The hardware registers different types of data. Depending on you needs, you need different types of it. Thanks to years of experience, we've encountered so many business cases that enabled us to become market leader in our range of hardware options.


  • installed in an asset with engine
  • 2G, GPRS/4G, LTE-M
  • available in Standard, Advanced and Premium version
  • multiple i/o options (panic button, immobilizer, buzzer, privacy switch, ...)

Concrete tag

  • tag is mounted on the concrete mixer
  • used in combination with a BlackBox
  • registers movement (mixing/unloading)

iButton or dallas key

  • small portable identification key
  • used for time tracking
  • requires iButton reader

iButton Reader

  • reader for iButtons
  • mini version with LED
  • dual version with LED and buzzer

RFID readers

  • Different sizes (mini/normal)
  • Optional with LED and/or buzzer
  • Mifare readers with RFID and NFC

Check-in-at-work terminal

  • metal mobile registration post for construction sites with optional battery
  • works with of RFID (MIFARE and 125KHz), Construbadge, iButtons, Belgian ID card and LIMOSA documents.
  • contains a BlackBox connected to RSZ

CAN-bus interface

  • installed on a BlackBox and engine
  • optional tacho-data download
  • comes in Solid and Flex

Smart drive

  • 2 versions: vans/cars and trucks/buses
  • optimizes acceleration, gear change behavior, RPM and the maximum speed
  • acceleration limitation and the speed limits can be controlled via the Suivo Web Application

Ario sleep and attention monitoring

  • analyzing driver's behavior
  • registers interruptions in driver's attention
  • makes sound alert in vehicle and reports through Suivo alerts

Garmin Dezl

  • range of navigation screens for trucks and professional drivers
  • adapted routes and predictive alerts
  • send and receive messages

Garmin Fleet

  • navigation touchscreen with 3G modem and optional NFC for identification
  • integrated dashcam
  • plug-and-play tablet with optional other Suivo mobile apps

Temperature sensor

  • from -30 to 85 °C
  • wireless with 5 years battery or wired version
  • IP65 waterproof

Portable GPS tracker

  • 2G or GPS connection
  • Rechargeable battery
  • includes SOS-button

Web and mobile apps

This is where your dots get connected. The data you've registered takes form in dashboards, lists, reports and more!


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