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In two years time, Transport Th. Wouters experienced a substantial increase in turnover thanks to the switch to more night transport and inland shipping.

Turnover of Th. Wouters grows significantly with night transport and modal shift

In only two years time, Transport Th. Wouters experienced a substantial increase in turnover thanks to the switch to more night transport and inland shipping. The Antwerp company did this without any major fleet expansion. The growth was absorbed by more digitization.

Transport Th. Wouters is a subsidiary of Trans-Continental Logistics (TCL). For this logistics service provider with a total of 90,000 m² of covered warehouse storage in the port of Antwerp, Transport Th. Wouters provides transportation support. 

“In 2018, we decided to focus on the modal shift and night transport. Since then, we have seen an organic turnover growth of 60%, which we want to consolidate by continuing on the path we have taken.” says Karl Garmyn, director at Th. Wouters.

The company is also focusing more on night transport, expanding its fleet from 26 to 32 trucks. Today, half of the trucks are also used at night. “In this way, we avoid traffic jams at the container terminals and on the Antwerp Ring during the day. At the same time, however, the expansion meant more administration. For example, the dispatcher has to allocate more import or export containers to a free chassis and make the journey ready for the drivers in their planning module. We are catching up with new technology,” adds Garmyn. 

Hydrogen tracker installed on a chassis for cooled transport.

GPS trackers

To better manage the 80 chassis, Transport Th. Wouters equipped them all with GPS & IoT trackers from Suivo. These are visible on the dashboard in the dispatchers’ planning tool. In this way, they can immediately see which containers are on which chassis, both in their own logistic site and at their customer’s sites. There they permanently have 15 to 35 chassis.

A small Bluetooth tag on the back of the truck to link the chassis with the trailer automatically.

“The dispatchers did not always know which containers were on which chassis. We also had too little insight into the ‘genset chassis’ for frozen containers and had to keep calling around. In the past, the dispatchers were more often looking for rolling stock than planning rides.” Karl Garmyn notes.

Allocating containers immediately

“Now they can immediately assign the import or export containers to a free chassis and prepare the journey for the drivers in their planning module. We also use the autonomous trackers for rented chassis – which serve to handle peak periods – so we end up having to rent less,” says Garmyn.

As an added benefit, Transport Th. Wouters can see which driver has driven with a damaged chassis (broken fenders or broken container-twistlocks are no exception). The chassis tracking also helps the dispatcher to send the right chassis to the annual technical inspection on time and avoid fines.

Want to read the full case of Transport Th. Wouters? Download it here!

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