Bye bye paper timesheets. Hello digital time registration!

Since the new release of the Suivo IoT platform, we added an extra feature: the time registration. The module is available on the platform, but we launched a brand new app for this as well: the Suivo Timesheet app. The app is now available in the stores and useable on Android and iOS devices*.

The Time Sheet App enables you to keep track of exact driving, working and resting times of your workforce. Bye bye paper time sheets. Hello digital time registration!

Identifying the complexity of a project

Every project consists of different phases, activities or tasks.

Correct registration of these different parts is important for salary calculations and a clear financial follow-up of the project.

This is a complex matter (for finance, HR, admin, planning, team leads, etc.) since your own employees, but also temporary staff and subcontractors work on different projects at the same time.

‘Traditional’ tools and their gaps

  • You can mock it, but pen and paper are still cheap and simple tools to fill in timesheets. Moreover, they can provide a lot of detail about the nature of work.
    The issues though: filling them out is cumbersome, time consuming, human error can creep in and slow down the process. After all, deciphering handwritten notes is a skill of its own.
  • Other standard tools are time clocks or badge readers. Easy to use, but they reveal nothing about the details or nature of work.

The advantage of digitization = optimization

The future is bright for companies that digitize, automate and embrace new technologies.

They can be more productive, efficient and competitive in the marketplace thanks to innovative solutions.

By connecting

  • data
  • assets
  • and people (employees), 

you optimize communities and processes that impact your entire business.

Designing smarter business processes without compromising ease of use

The Suivo Timesheet app is one of the building blocks for smarter asset management. This means smarter management of both personnel and material assets.

Thanks to the Time Registration module all relevant data is captured in a structured way.

The interface of the platform and the app are super intuitive! It is easily entered by site supervisors or team leads on site.

The transparency offered by the system and platform also makes things a lot clearer for the HR department.

In addition, the platform integrates seamlessly with other systems, which reduces the margin of error, limits the number of manual operations and makes the time savings tangible immediately.

To conclude | Centralizing & digitizing your team’s info has many advantages:

  • Say goodbye to unnecessary papers and other time-consuming admin tasks.
  • No need to decipher someone’s handwriting
  • Eliminate lost time sheets, discussions with your team members and other human errors
  • Get a clear overview for you as a team lead and automatically generated lists
  • Accurate information for calculating wages and mobility allowances to be used by HR or payroll partner
  • Speed up the entire process without limiting flexibility (manual adjustments remain possible).

Important notes:

‍*The Time Sheet app can only operate when the Time Registration Module is activated in the Suivo IoT Platform. If this module isn’t activated, contact your account manager to advise you.

*Earlier Suivo launched the Time app. Note this app differs from the Timesheet app!
The Time app is intended for time registration on an individual basis. The Timesheet app is meant for registration of different team members and their activities by a site manager or team lead. Want to know what fits your organization best? Your account manager is happy to advise you.

More details on the August ’21 release? Click here.

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