Trailer tracking for your organization

Regardless of how big or small your fleet is, efficiency is vital for reducing your running costs, improving your punctuality, and optimizing your vehicles.

Regardless of how big or small your fleet is, efficiency is vital for reducing your running costs, improving your punctuality, and optimizing your vehicles. With Digital Fleet Management running on the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform, Fleet Managers are able to realize their efficiency targets and optimize their business processes.

This article focuses on how Suivo Digital Fleet Management is used to monitor and track “non-powered assets” such as trailers, chassis, and containers. This includes live tracking of your rolling stock via geolocation technology, proactively scheduling periodic inspections and maintenance based on time or mileage, recording of damage, and keeping track of historical data.

Suivo offers two different hardware solutions to map your fleet: Suivo Hydrogen trackers and Suivo trailer units.

Suivo Hydrogen trackers

Suivo Hydrogen trackers are fully autonomous trackers with a replaceable long-lasting battery and global connectivity for tracking non-powered assets. Depending on the model and the set-up, you can get one, four, or 24 position updates per day, or just an update when the asset starts and stops moving for optimal battery autonomy.

For ease of use on site, Suivo Hydrogen trackers connect to our desktop web-application and mobile apps so you can check the location and status of your assets anywhere. You can also use our API key to integrate the generated data with your other software. Lastly, Suivo Hydrogen trackers are easy to install and can be scaled as your fleet grows.

Suivo trailer units

These tracking units have two levels of tracking. When coupled to a truck they transmit constant live tracking data, but when the trailer is disconnected from the truck, the trailer units switch to periodic position updates (either one, four, or 24 position updates per day), just like the Suivo Hydrogen Trackers.

The reason the trailer units can transmit constant live tracking data is because they are powered by the truck’s battery, so the battery remains charged and can operate fully autonomously when the trailer is not in use.

Truck and trailer

Both our Hydrogen trackers and trailer units can also be used for truck & trailer pairing? That will let you know which truck is driving a particular trailer at any time. This connection is made by combining either the Hydrogen trackers or trailer units with our Suivo Blackbox or our Suivo Active Short Range Tag. For more information on this option, please contact our Sales or Support Teams.

Benefits of trailer tracking

We’ve noticed trailer tracking having an immediate impact on the operations of fleets of all sizes, saving them both time and money. Here’s a selection of the results our customers have experienced:

• Easy to find available trailers

• No late inspections or maintenance

• Less need to hire additional trailers

• Clear overview of all damaged assets, including associated costs

• Simplified planning of trips and assignments

While these benefits vary from organization to organization, depending on their existing internal processes, it’s clear that Suivo trailer tracking can help your fleet. So, the next question to ask is: how can Suivo trailer tracking benefit your fleet and organization?

Would you like to read more about our references? Click the links below:

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For more details or to discuss how Suivo can help your fleet, contact me via email ( or phone (+32 474 70 07 98).

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