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Roadshows for Public Safety

Suivo & TranzCom are jointly organizing a Public Safety Roadshow. We invite the professionals of the Police, Fire Departments and related services to discuss how innovative solutions can optimize workflows and improve safety.


Invitation Public Safety Roadshow for Police and Fire Departments:
Safety lies in responsiveness

Our safety is in hands of the responsiveness of the law enforcement and fire departments. However, there are many elements that influence this: adequate materials, traffic, weather conditions, communication, …

TranzCom & Suivo offer innovative technologies that – taking into account these elements – increase efficiency and intervention speed.

Suivo & TranzCom are jointly organizing a Public Safety Roadshow. We invite the professionals of the Police, Fire Departments and related services from all over Belgium.

To make it easy for you, you can choose from 3 locations on 3 different dates. This way, the groups are limited for maximum interaction.


Suivo shows how IoT has a positive impact on security

Suivo provides quality data that guides you to insights to optimize.

Thanks to digital transformation, we are optimizing the workflows of the fire stations and police stations. This is aimed at increasing efficiency, responsiveness and safety. ‘Time’ in interventions has an undeniable and immediate impact on human lives.

Suivo offers solutions to reduce intervention time.

Think smart integrations of location data linked to your dispatching solution, sirens and flashing lights. But the possibilities go much further.


Rely on TranzCom’s years of experience in mission-critical communications

Security services rely heavily on highly reliable “mobile” communications. It enables them to act quickly and efficiently during emergency situations.

TranzCom, as a market leader in radio network infrastructure and radio terminals (Analogue/TETRA/DMR/PTT over LTE) with more than 30 years of experience and more than 40,000 ASTRID radios sold is without doubt a reliable partner.

TranzCom offers fire departments and police departments a global approach in terms of voice communication, video transmission, data transmission, communication for operational missions as well as business processes and applications. In addition, our specialists help optimize the communication infrastructure.

Digitalization enables corps to work more productively on more routine and non-urgent tasks. For example, thanks to the seamless integration of drones and cameras, there is access to real-time video feeds. The aim is to significantly reduce response times through secure mobile information exchange.

TranzCom, selected for all 10 ASTRID framework agreement lots, as an ASTRID-certified supplier and installer already accompanies many fire departments through reliable, secure and integrated communication solutions.

During the Roadshow, they will be happy to present the latest developments.

Day Program

09:00 Welcome with a drink
09:30 Presentation 1 | Sven Jacob, International Business Development Manager TranzCom –
Philippe Vliegen, Technical Sales Engineer TranzCom – OR
Bart De Vriese, Account Manager TranzCom
Saving lives and optimizing processes thanks to
Mission-critical, unified and on-board communication 2.0
10:10 Coffee Break
10:30 Presentation 2 | Stan Verhaert, AM Suivo
Centralize your (location) data. Take the right decisions quickly during interventions.
11:10 Practical case presented by representative of the fire station in question
11:30 Q&A
12:00 Walking lunch as networking opportunity
13:00 End of program

Details & Locations

Choose from the following dates and locations:

JUNE 16 Fire Station Liège | Language: French
Rue Ransonnet 5, 4020 Liège
JUNE 21 Ter Elst Hotel Congrescentrum, Edegem | Language: Dutch
Kattenbroek 1, 2650 Edegem
JUNE 23 Fire Station Kaprijke | Language: Dutch
Molenstraat 28A, 9970 Kaprijke


*Participation is free, but after registering we count on your attendance.

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with practical details.

We reserve the right to refuse registrations which we do not consider relevant (do not belong to the target group) for this roadshow.


June 16 - June 21 - June 23


16/06/2022 - Liège 21/06/2022 - Edegem 23/06/2022 - Kaprijke

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