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Maintenance and inspection

Everything under control? Better safe than sorry.

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Guarantee uptime

Prevent unwanted issues and costs. Keep the functionality of your assets in a good state at all times.

Stay on top of things

Structure and plan all the work that comes with maintaining different assets.

Be compliant with safety regulations

Keep track of internal and external inspections. Pass them with ease thanks to your maintenance workflows.

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Register damages and repairs

Document and consult all damaged assets on all your locations.

  • Record a damage on asset level. With this function it is easy to filter all damaged assets. Know how many repairs you should plan for what type of damages.
  • Add a picture to your registered damages . This allows the repair to go smoothly as your documentation is more detailed.
  • History of damages allows you to see everything that has happened to a certain asset in the past.

Maintenance workflows

With checklists and transparent responsibilities your maintenance becomes bulletproof.

  • Overview of planned maintenance of assets on a specific location like your warehouse or construction site.
  • Maintenance alerts can be configured to let you know when it's time for action.
  • Workflow checklists guide you through the process of a maintenance or internal inspection.

Maintenance and inspection in action

These awesome people have everything under control. Check out the cases.

Digital asset management

Increasing customer satisfaction and experience while at the same time increasing production availability and reliability were the main drivers behind the decision to implement the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform.

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Simplyfied Check-in-at-work

Construction Company B&R has opted for the telematics platform Suivo, which offers an complete solution for both, project employees and teams in general construction companies. By fully automating the administration, B&R realizes considerable time savings and reduced the margin of errors.

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Check-in-at-work: fully automated

We feared that we would have to use additional admin staff. That is why we chose to automate our check-in-at-work with Suivo. It reduces a lot of stress for both the people in the office and as on our construction sites.

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