Navigation & communication

We cover everything from basic to more advanced communication & navigation options.

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Impress your customers

With digital order forms and mobile apps you are making a modern impression. Live the innovation!

Operational excellence

Execute your business strategy more consistently with digital work orders, electronic signing and state-of-the-art navigation.

Streamline communication

Dispatch orders and adresses directly to your drivers. No more calling around and going back-and-forth.

Mobile apps for mobile workers

For different industries, we’ve developed mobile apps that all streamline the workflows of your mobile workforce. Some examples are our Transport app, e-CMR, Mobile Work Order, Time Stamp, etc.

  • Proof of delivery/service with our Work Order app or the Transport App. Your client can confirm the delivery/service with a digital signature in these mobile apps.
  • Integrated in your business processes to unleash the full potential with your backoffice, planning tools, CRM, …
  • Live status allows your client to see the real-time status updates of an order or delivery.

GPS Navigation

We have a number of different navigation screens that are compatible with the Suivo mobile apps. This means you can have customized navigation for your vehicles, with communication, POD and eSignatures, all in one device.

  • Direct dispatching to device from the office to the driver/worker. Your mobile employee receives the instructions and address immediately on their screen.
  • Truck GPS with special navigation depending on the size and weight of your truck. Planners can also manually adapt navigation to follow certain routes.


The features in action

Read here some cases of great people who use navigation and communication.


Innovative transport management

Molenbergnatie commits to innovative transport management with Suivo. Molenbergnatie resolutely chose to modernize its business processes. "Innovative transport management in a digitizing end-to-end supply chain."

de rycke

Automatic status increase control of logistics process

Due to an enormous expansion, Gebroeders De Rycke has completely modernised its IT environment. The final step was a new on-board computer application for their mixers. De Rycke will be able to use its resources more effectively and hire less external subcontractors.


Suivo ensures efficient fleet management

Multiobus registers and monitors driving behavior over their complete fleet of auto cars and busses with Suivo soft- and hardware components. Resulting in a noticeable drop of fuel consumption and at the same time an increase of safety for both, chauffeurs and passengers.

Future-proofing your company?

Then innovate! Download the e-booklet to find out how!

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