Remote tacho download

Remotely read both the driver ID and the mass memory of your digital tachograph (DDD files).

remote tacho download

Quickly act upon new requests

With the tacho data you have a live view of the remaining driving time. This enables your planners to dispatch last-minute orders more efficiently.

Facilitate payroll admin

The driving and resting times allow you to register the working hours of your driver correctly. This facilitates the payroll admin.

Legal compliance

You legally need to save your tacho data for several years. With our digital, remote solution you can do this effortlessly.

remote tachograph data

Remote and digital

Automatically download the driver ID and vehicle card. Thanks to doing this digitally, you can analyse the data in reports.

  • Save DDD files to be legally compliant and keep track of driving- and resting times.
  • Stay in charge by being able to download the data from the office. You don’t have to give your drivers this extra task.
  • Facilitate HR work by using the tacho data for performance sheets (PC 140).

Driver card data

By scanning the driver ID in the vehicle, you can use this data for reporting and status overviews.

  • Driver recognition allows you to see the current driver in a vehicle, and any co-drivers.
  • Clear dashboards show the data in a clear display, allowing you to see who is driving/has driven what vehicle on a particular day.
  • Driver status can also be displayed (working, driving, resting, …)

time registration badge

The feature in action

These clever organizations remotely download their tachograph data.


Innovative transport management

Molenbergnatie commits to innovative transport management with Suivo. Molenbergnatie resolutely chose to modernize its business processes. "Innovative transport management in a digitizing end-to-end supply chain."


Accurate fleet statistics

Kranen Michielsens specializes in mobile crane rental, transport and industrial assembly. To support their dynamic approach and continue providing an excellent customer service, Michielsens decided to equip 100+ of their hydraulic, caterpillar and mobile tower cranes and 50 vehicles with the Suivo tracking system.


Suivo ensures efficient fleet management

Multiobus registers and monitors driving behavior over their complete fleet of auto cars and busses with Suivo soft- and hardware components. Resulting in a noticeable drop of fuel consumption and at the same time an increase of safety for both, chauffeurs and passengers.

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