Safety has to be handled with care. Alerts, protection and privacy all add to a safe work environment.

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Take responsibility

As an employer, you’re responsible for any safety issues in the work environment. We know you take this serious, thus so do we.

Theft prevention

Prevent anyone from stealing your valuable assets. Avoid unnecessary costs by having to repurchase stuff.

Employee satisfaction

Protecting your worker’s privacy and safety, makes then feel safer in their work environment.


Protect what is valuable for you. Configure when you want to get informed by text message or e-mail.

  • Geo fencing is a way of putting a digital fence around a certain site. When your asset moves in or out of the zone, you get an alert.
  • SOS alerts notify you when the SOS button on the Suivo people tracker is activated.
  • Emergencies alert you when a severe g-force is registered. This indicates abuse or an accident.

Protect people, vehicles and goods.

There is no margin for safety. For different applications in your organisation, we provide adequate solutions.

  • Temperature sensors protect you goods. Real-time tracking of the cold-chain assures you that cooled goods are safe.
  • Engine immobilizer protects your vehicles against theft or unauthorized use. With an iButton or RFID card the user is authorized to start the enginge.
  • People trackers keep your employees safe. When a person approaches a vehicle, the driver gets notified with a sound or a light signal.

security and safety
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Respecting the privacy of your employees is  important. It increases the acceptance for the people that use their vehicles also privately.

  • Hide personal information. The vehicle’s mileage and theft prevention are still monitored without tracking it’s location nor speed.
  • Privacy switch has to be activated and deactivated once. Useful for longer periods and weekends.
  • Privacy button has to be pressed before each journey.


Safety first.

These caring organizations make use of our safety solutions. Check out the cases.

water link

Digital asset management

Increasing customer satisfaction and experience while at the same time increasing production availability and reliability were the main drivers behind the decision to implement the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform.


Heli goes into the cloud

In order to remain competitive, we needed to bundle all phases of our machine rental - from orders, through planning and transportation and even inspection and repairs - into one system.


Cegelec | Check-in-at-work: fully automated

We feared that we would have to use additional admin staff. That is why we chose to automate our check-in-at-work with Suivo. It reduces a lot of stress for both the people in the office and as on our construction sites.

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