Small asset management

Do you think something small can't make an impact? Try sleeping with a mosquito. Don't let your tools & assets become the mosquitoes to your company.

Simplified inventory

With a structured system for managing your inventory, life gets easier.

Don't lose your stuff

Don’t waste time searching lost tools or equipment. With asset management you can find your stuff back.

Cost reduction

Know what you have before buying more. Minimal overstock saves both money and space.

inventory management

Inventory management

With different types of tags you can track all of your things. From powered tools, ladders or phones to cables, screws and even glue.

  • Tools and equipment can be tracked with a number active (LoRa/Sigfox) or passive (NFC, QR-code, RFID) tags.
  • Consumables or SKU’s are registered through their bar code or a passive tag. In our mobile app the usage of an SKU is tracked.
  • Calculate project cost with exact numbers. See what assets are used for how long, or what consumables are used up on a certain project.

Transfers and locations

Scan the items that will be transferred to a different location with our Suivo Worker app. This also works for companies in a holding structure thanks to different levels and attributes.

  • Stock locations can be used to register warehouses and places where your inventory is.
  • Cost locations dare the places where an asset is being paid for use. For example when a construction site is hiring your machines at a cost per day or hour.
  • Detect nearby items with Bluetooth scanning. Assets with active tags can be detected all at once instead of having to scan them separately.

Asset status

By managing your assets digitally, important information about the asset is available on-demand with the mobile app.

  • Define statuses like ready-to-use, damaged, lost, on hold, etc. supported with free to define color codes.
  • Automatic status changes can happen when an item is not returned (‘lost’) or when a maintenance is due (‘on hold’).
  • Manual status changes can be made by people on the field. When e.g. a damage occurs the user can immediately describe what happened and take a picture.


We're legit

These people killed their mosquitoes.

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Digital asset management

Increasing customer satisfaction and experience while at the same time increasing production availability and reliability were the main drivers behind the decision to implement the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform.


3.000 assets in one system

For construction companies it is crucial to have the right material available at the right time on their cnstruction sites. Dutch construction company, H4A, uses Suivo trackers and tags to monitor their assets and tools to register usage, location and inspection information.


Hoogmartens Road Construction prepares for a digital future

We installed a time registration system and Suivo automatically calculates the worked hours. Employees do not have to come to the office, but their details do arrive at the payroll department every day.

Future-proofing your company?

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