Track and trace

Fleet management and live tracking are a must for any company. This is the beating heart of Suivo for most of our customers, with Google Maps at it's center. Knowing the location and status of all your assets is a huge game-changer.

track and trace

Know where everything is

Quickly see where all your assets are located. No more calling around. Provide an immediate answer to your customers’ queries.

Insightful capacity planning

See what vehicles are available and nearby your client for quick planning in real-time. Get a grip on how much of your capacity you’re actually using.

Modern fleet management

Track all of your assets anywhere. We combine data from your trucks, machines, tools, people, etc. We don’t discriminate!

track and trace software
Asset tracking construction site

Real-time and historical tracking

All information is linked to geo-positioning. The track and trace map visualizes your registered data in an understandable overview.

  • Live tracking on both a map for geographical context and a list view for business info.
  • Historical reporting shows you for any chosen time the most relevant data in an interactive view. Trips made, location and duration of stops and extra optional details like eco driving scores
  • Use filters for searches on easy to read Google Maps. Add your own attributes to your assets so you can get the view you need.

Not just location...

… but status, structures and other specific information enrich the real-time location map view.

  • Status updates help you to know what’s going on with your resources (e.g. available, working, on a break, driving, etc.).
  • Group levels help you define and structure information like cargo trucks, refrigerated containers, regional teams, different technical teams and more.
  • Specific data fulfill particular needs; add alerts and statuses for different add-ons like flashing lights, salt spreaders and more!

track and trace construction

Track & trace in action

This awesome feature is used by smart people. Take a look at these cases!


Th. Wouters finds its chassis with Suivo

Thanks to their dispatchers always knowing where there is a free chassis, the company is now able to plan trips more efficiently and arrange future technical inspections and maintenance on time.


Diksmuide ensures transparent and efficient task allocation

Using the Suivo track & trace system has delivered significant time and cost savings to the City of Diksmuide. It is now much easier to ensure efficient use of the vehicles and machines.


Innovative transport management

Molenbergnatie commits to innovative transport management with Suivo. Molenbergnatie resolutely chose to modernize its business processes. "Innovative transport management in a digitizing end-to-end supply chain."

Future-proofing your company?

Then innovate! Download the e-booklet to find out how!

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