Trip logging

Electronic driver logs make it easy to keep track of working and resting times. No more paper!

Increase transparancy

Thanks to an electronic drivers logbook, you can communicate trustworthy info to your clients.

No more manual logging

Save your driver’s precious time and prevent human errors. There is no place for admin on paper in the future.

Simplify fleet administration

Keep an overview to fulfill the agreements with your customers. Our trip logging software supports you with legal proof.

trip logging

Trip reports

Get a real-time overview of the registered statuses of your transport order. You can even link this data to your TMS.

  • Automatically generated reports give you a detailed overview on mileage, driving time, resting hours and other statuses.
  • A link to your TMS enables you to automatically integrate the data in your back-end systems.
  • Avoid discussions with clients about working hours or delays. This report gives you proof of services delivered, and enables you to better negotiate.

Driving and resting times

Legislation for driving and resting times can be a headache for planners and dispatchers. Therefore it is great to have a system in place for registering this.

  • An overview per driver gives you the info you need per day, week or month.
  • Support order planning with the visual overview in our Cloud Platform.
  • Remaining driving hours are displayed clearly on a dashboard.

truck driving and resting times

The feature in action

These smart organizations use the trip logging software already. Read the case to find out how!


Th. Wouters finds its chassis with Suivo

Thanks to their dispatchers always knowing where there is a free chassis, the company is now able to plan trips more efficiently and arrange future technical inspections and maintenance on time.


Heli goes into the cloud

In order to remain competitive, we needed to bundle all phases of our machine rental - from orders, through planning and transportation and even inspection and repairs - into one system.

Van moer

Van Moer Logistics tracked 1400 trailers

The major advantage of the Suivo system is the simplification of our planning, which allows us to save a lot of time. Other benefits include theft prevention and accurate reporting to our customers. (...)

Future-proofing your company?

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