Manage your tools, inventory, consumables & small assets. Keep track of damages, inspection and maintenance. The perfect fit for asset management on construction and logistic sites.


For smaller tools, we made small and economic tags. You can go from very basic stickers to active Bluetooth tags. Of course, all hardware is compatible with Hydrogen and Carbon hardware, so get creative in automating!

indoor iot gateway beacon

Indoor gateway

  • 220V powered, 750m range and IP67 water- and dustproof
  • for a-trackers and satellites
  • 2.4GHz, LoRa, 2G/4G, GNSS modems and omnidirectional antennas

Outdoor Gateway

  • available in 220V powered or with solar panel, IP67 water- and dustproof
  • range between 50m-1km
  • 2.4GHz, 2G/4G and GNSS modems and omnidirectional antennas
suivo gateway satellite

IoT Satellite

  • compact 10y battery, 50m range, IP68 waterproof
  • broadcasts an encoded signal with a unique identifier, status data and GPS coordinates
  • enables other IoT devices to determine their position
portable gps tracker

Portable GPS tracker

  • 2G or GPS connection
  • Rechargeable battery
  • includes SOS-button
gps 2G tracker

People tracker

  • 50m range, user-replaceable 1y battery
  • used either with a gateway, a-tracker or autonomously
  • Sigfox, Lora(WAN), GPS connectivity and includes an SOS-button
long range tag iot sigfox lorawan

aLR7 tag

  • Private LoRa active tag
  • Long-range: 300m to 1km (line-of-sight)
  • 7y battery
iot tag short range bluetooth BLE

BLE tag

  • Bluetooth active tag
  • Short rang: 30-50m
  • Available with 3y or 5y battery

pQRh tag (with NFC)

  • Premium alu hard tag
  • Lasered QR-code
  • NFC chip build-in

pQRh tag

  • Passive, hard tag with
  • Lasered QR-code


Keeping track of your inventory, damages, maintenance or other events doesn't have to require that much planning and admin. With Oxygen you know exactly what stuff is in your warehouse, construction or transport site and what its status is.

Small asset management

Track small material together with your vehicles! Simplify inventory and inspection process.

Maintenance and inspection

Guarantee uptime, stay on top of things and be always compliant with all safety regulations.

API Integrations

Get the most out of your data. Suivo API integrates your data fast and easy so all your systems are using the same data.


Mainly mobile, but also web.

For Oxygen, we have 2 mobile apps for people in the field. For configuring more complex things you can also use our user-friendly web app.

Starter app

The Starter app is made for an easy set-up. With this app you can enroll the assets you want in the system. The set-up consists of scanning a tag, sticking it on the asset and adding any additional data in the app.

Worker app

Manage your assets, inventory and even consumables. With the Worker app you can register damages, make transfers to different locations and keep track of all maintenance and inspection events.

Web app

In our user friendly web app, you can configure advanced setting. You can also use this instead of the worker app if you prefer to work on a PC.

Google Maps view

Location updates on the map can be 1-24 hour time intervals, or when the asset starts/stops moving.


Configure alerts for battery levels, geofencing, activity, device diagnostics, etc.

Web and mobile

Use either our beautiful web interface, or the free mobile app with simplified features.


Find the perfect plan & product


Compatible building blocks


You can throw some trackers in the mix for even more advanced asset management! Manage them the same way as the Oxygen tags.


Want to automate the location transfers? When combined with Carbon the automating options are limitless!

Future-proofing your company?

Then innovate! Download the e-booklet to find out how!

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