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Our core values


We work in teams. Everyone feels responsible for our company. We unite our talents and divide the work to support each other.

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Always finding something new and better drives our success. We love new ideas, and are closely watching the world around us to anticipate trends.

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Growth mindset

We're big believers of learning, personal growth and educating. When you're part of the family, we help you grow into the person you want to become.


Women, men, young, old, different cultural backgrounds, ... This only enriches our company. Different perspectives help us find more creative ideas.

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People driven by passion find their way around our team. A love for tech, understanding the world, leading, developing and more, unites our team.

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Mutual trust enables freedom at work. We're allowed to fail, to try again, to do it our way. It's the enabler of innovation and collaboration.

“Connecting everything, so our customers can get better in whatever they want to achieve."

Our history

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Suivo is born. Together with some of our top customers we had developed in the years before custom GPS tracking systems. All the know-how and experience we brought together in the very first version of Suivo.


A big challenge came along in Belgium; the legally obligated check in at work. Suivo took this challenge and turned it into an opportunity; we became one of the first certified tracking solutions offering the connection of check-in-at-work.

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love2truck 2020


An extraordinary year for our customers and us in the transport sector; 2 Suivo clients won prizes at the ICT Transport and Logistics Award.

Suivo initiated the national campaign Love2Truck, together with leading companies in the transportation sector. Partners of this porject are TLV, DKV Europe, Renault, TVM, Randstad, Transportmedia and others. The mission is to improve the image of truck drivers, and break stereotypes. We showcase authentic passionate stories of truck drivers. Former Flemish minister of mobility, Ben Weyts, handed over the award.


Suivo exists 10 years, and it was time for introspection. We're officially a scale-up and that means that it's time for a mayor upgrade. Our interfaces, branding and even our R&D lab got renewed. The product portfolio has grown so much, that we redefined and restructured it. Suivo's Oxygen, Hydrogen and Carbon were born!

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