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Manage all your assets and fleet from your pocket. Discover our apps here.

Mobile and easy access for customers

The apps can only operate when the corresponding Module is activated in your organization's account in the Suivo IoT Platform. If this module isn’t activated, contact us to advise you!
The apps can be found in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Timesheet app

The app to keep track of exact driving, working and resting times of your workforce. Supervisors or team leads (on a construction site eg.) are able to complete time sheets digitally.

Treat yourself and your organization to simplicity.

Centralizing your team’s info and digitizing the registration of working hours, resting hours and mobility allowance has many advantages:
• Say goodbye to unnecessary papers and other time-consuming admin tasks.
• No need to decipher someone's handwriting
• Eliminate lost time sheets, discussions with your team members and other human errors
• Get a clear overview for you as a team lead and automatically generated lists
• Accurate information for calculating wages and mobility allowances to be used by HR or payroll partner
• Speed up the entire process without limiting flexibility (manual adjustments remain possible).

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Eco Drive app

Drivers of vehicles equipped with a BlackBox can now use the ECO DRIVE APP. The collected data gives administrators (on the platform) and drivers (using this app) insight into their driving behavior. The data can be displayed per day and the details are shown per vehicle. The app is meant for all kinds of vehicles you want to track.

The benefits?
• A practical overview of the trips made (also to be consulted on the map), idling, G-forces, traffic offences, average and maximum speeds, ...
• The collected data result in an ECO-SCORE.
• It is an accessible tool to raise drivers' awareness of sustainability and safety.
• Limit your transportation costs by actively pursuing a good eco-score.

Suivo eco drive app
CIAW app

Check-in-at-work app

With the Check-in-at-work app, you can easily register your attendance at a construction site. Not only employees, but also third parties such as subcontractors, can check-in so that they are registered for that day with the RSZ in Belgium.

You easily check yourself in by creating an account in the app on your smartphone using your national register number or LIMOSA number (for foreign employees).

You can also check in colleagues. Once you arrive at the site you can look it up in the list of locations. There you can easily and quickly register your check-in and you are legally all set. Locations are added and managed in the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform.

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Suivo app

The Suivo app is the mobile-friendly alternative for basic views and quick operations on the Suivo website.

The Suivo app allows dispatching and managers to access information regarding vehicles, mobile employees, groups and locations, anytime, anywhere. Keep on improving your business efficiency and offering great customer service.

The Suivo app gives you actionable insights. With the following features, you can take immediate action.

Search for:
• Vehicles, persons, locations, groups

Get insights:
• Vehicles: current status (drive, idle, stop, privacy), ETA + destination, drive overview per day, responsible contact
• Persons: contact details, overview of identifications per day
• Locations: address, contact details, 10 nearest vehicles
• CheckIn@Suivo: overview attendance registrations per location

Take action:
• Start a chat conversation
• Create tasks + check status
• Click on map to start navigation
• Trigger an immobilizer

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

suivo mobile app
suivo starter mobile app

Starter app

Your asset management set-up has become much easier with the Suivo Starter app.

Just scan your tag or tracker with the app (Bluetooth, NFC, QR codes, …) and stick them onto your asset. Then configure the details in the app like its name, attributes and other specifications. Then you can continue with the Suivo Worker app for managing and planning the assets.

The app features:
• Scanning functions for Bluetooth, NFC (Android only), QR-codes and bar codes.
• Option to manually add assets
• Different locations to register your assets
• Configuring attributes, details and images for each asset
• Registration of consumables
• Defining SKU’s for each consumable
• Overview of the enrolled assets
• License counting

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Worker app

Asset management has become much easier with the Suivo Worker app.

After enrolling your assets into the system with the Suivo Starter app, you can start working. The app is meant for warehouse workers, inventory planners, or just anyone that needs to keep an overview over their things.

The app features:
• Different locations to manage your assets
• Transfers of assets between locations
• Registration of damages
• Planning events (maintenance, inspection, …)
• Creating a workflow with checklists for events
• Viewing the status of each asset- Registering SKU’s (consumables)
• Tracking your inventory
• Finding nearby assets with connections like BLE

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

suivo worker mobile app
time logger app

Time Logger app - the 4-in-1 app

Digitally log working hours and mobility, link to projects and use as time clock.


Thanks to the Suivo Time Logger, you can digitally log your working hours and driven kilometres by selecting a predefined status.

But the app combines other features as well:

  • The hours can be easily linked to a specific project code or name.
  • You can register for Check-in-at-work in a single effort.
  • You can also configure the app as a time clock.


What are the benefits of using Suivo Time Logger? 

  • No more unnecessary papers and other time-consuming admin tasks
  • No need to decipher someone's handwriting
  • Eliminate lost time sheets and other human errors
  • Clear overview for HR: providing accurate information for calculating wages and mobility allowances
  • Time Registration and Check-in-at-work all in one app.
  • Register hours per project, eliminating mistakes in invoicing.

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Concrete app

The the Suivo Concrete App makes it easier to plan and execute workflows related to ready-mixed concrete.

Data relevant to a concrete plant is being captured on the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform. Think of sensor data, localization and trajectories of vehicles and activities of drivers.

The app simplifies communication between the office or dispatch and your mobile workers and drivers of the mixers.

Information can be shared in different directions via the smart device (in the vehicle) on which the app is configured.

Useful data that can be shared that facilitates administration, planning and communication:

  1. The digital work order.


  • Automatic registration of times (working time / driving time / turning time / ...)
  • Registration of damage (including photos)
  • Delivery note automatically linked to the correct file and digitally delivered to the site manager

  1. Automatic status updates


  • The dispatcher is always aware of the status and activities of the mixer: Departure concrete plant with ETA yard, Arrival yard, Start of unloading, End of unloading, Departure wharf with ETA plant, ...
  • Thanks to tags on the mixers and blackboxes in the vehicles, the link can be made with the planning / dispatch responsible for the mortar production: clear when the next production run has to be started, an overview of the waiting times, no more wasted loads!

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Oxygen mobile apps

Google Maps view

Location updates on the map can be 1-24 hour time intervals, or when the asset starts/stops moving.


Configure alerts for battery levels, geofencing, activity, device diagnostics, etc.

Web and mobile

Use either our beautiful web interface, or the free mobile app with simplified features.

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Compatible building blocks


The technologies and modules available today are aimed at facilitating communication, speeding it up, reducing human error, ensuring safety and transparent and accurate project tracking.


An overview of the locations and condition of all your materials: that makes things easier!


The Internet of Things (IoT) has been happily transforming the transportation and logistics industry with a variety of applications for automated fleet management.

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