Smart Waste Management

What if you could transform waste management in your city with advanced technology? Imagine a digital waste management system that uses real-time data for efficient waste collection and reduced environmental impact. Suivo’s IoT solutions promise just that, allowing you to save money on waste management costs.

Waste management
Waste sensor op glasbollen

Litter-ally the smartest choice in waste management

Suivo's IoT Cloud Platform helps you improve waste management efficiency. Using IoT, we make sure that digital waste management is sustainable, transparent, and cost-effective.

  • Real-time waste container monitoring
    Our waste level sensors issue an alert when trash bins are nearing capacity, guaranteeing prompt and effective emptying.
  • Optimized scheduling and waste collection routes
    AI planning and task changes improve routes, reduce errors, and make operations faster and more accurate.
  • Save money on waste management costs
    Suivo’s solutions help cut costs across machinery, logistics, disposal, and beyond!
For you?

Smart Waste Management Solutions For Cities and Communities

Smart waste management makes cities and local governments both green and cost-efficient. Suivo's solutions ensure public spaces remain clean and welcoming!

API integrations

API integrations

Get the most out of your data. Suivo API integrates your data fast and easy so all your systems are using the same data.
driver behavior

Driver behavior

Monitor speeding, acceleration and fuel consumption. Improve your driver’s savety & reduce your costs.

Maintenance and inspection

Guarantee uptime, stay on top of things and be always compliant with all safety regulations.
Navigation icon

Navigation & communication

From basic communication needs to innovative, advanced communication & navigation options.

Remote tacho download

Remotely read and download both the driver ID and the mass memory of your tachographs.
Suivo Scheduling


Optimise routes, cut costs, and boost customer satisfaction with our advanced scheduling features for efficient logistics and improved operational effectiveness.


We help you protect what is valuable for you: fleet, machines and equipment. All you need to carry out your business!
small asset

Small asset management

Track small material together with your vehicles! Simplify inventory and inspection process.
time tracking

Time tracking

Keep track of driving/working times of your mobile workforce. Automate the mobility allowance for construction teams.
track trace

Track and trace

The beating heart for most of our customers, with Google Maps at it’s center. Knowing the location of all your assets!

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