Utility companies can see the digital revolution as a great opportunity to transform themselves ahead of the curve. Suivo offers the right tools to enable digital asset management to safely maintain networks of water, electricity or pipelines.

Track and trace utility

Asset management for everything

Suivo facilitates technical interventions immediately by showing you the nearest available team. Fleet managers, planners and dispatchers can reduce maintenance costs and increase safety with our digital tools to coach their team.

API integrations

API integrations

Get the most out of your data. Suivo API integrates your data fast and easy so all your systems are using the same data.
check-in-at-work usp


User-friendly way to comply with the law on site attendance. Avoid fines and automate administration processes.
driver behavior

Driver behavior

Monitor speeding, acceleration and fuel consumption. Improve your driver’s savety & reduce your costs.

Maintenance and inspection

Guarantee uptime, stay on top of things and be always compliant with all safety regulations.
Navigation icon

Navigation & communication

From basic communication needs to innovative, advanced communication & navigation options.


We help you protect what is valuable for you: fleet, machines and equipment. All you need to carry out your business!
small asset

Small asset management

Track small material together with your vehicles! Simplify inventory and inspection process.
time tracking

Time tracking

Keep track of driving/working times of your mobile workforce. Automate the mobility allowance for construction teams.
track trace

Track and trace

The beating heart for most of our customers, with Google Maps at it’s center. Knowing the location of all your assets!
trip log

Trip logging

Electronic driver logs make it easy to keep track of working and resting times. No more paper or manual tacho downloads.

Keeping assets in shape

These awesome utility companies use our systems to maintain their valuable infrastructure.

cibor logo

Cibor | Better payroll administration; less work.

Thanks to Suivo, the registration and insights into Cibor's employees' time allocation and usage improved considerably. They keep track of their own movements and working hours, which is much easier for technicians and administrative staff. Data processing is faster and with fewer errors.

De Watergroep

De Watergroep | Corporate responsibility and cost efficiency go hand in hand

Caring is one of the core values of De Watergroep. Taking care of the resources used, paying attention to safety and the environment, and working in a cost-conscious way. With the new technology of Suivo we can take further steps forward in the field of sustainability, efficiency and cost awareness.


Hoogmartens Road Construction prepares for a digital future

We installed a time registration system and Suivo automatically calculates the worked hours. Employees do not have to come to the office, but their details do arrive at the payroll department every day.

watergenius logo

Watergenius | A fully integrated solution covering planning, route optimisation and digital ordering

Watergenius is a business specialised in filtering and recycling water for a wide number of applications for both consumers and businesses. As part of their mission, Watergenius employs a number of mobile technicians who are responsible for installing and maintaining the solutions Watergenius offers.


H4A | 3.000 assets in one system

For construction companies it is crucial to have the right material available at the right time on their cnstruction sites. Dutch construction company, H4A, uses Suivo trackers and tags to monitor their assets and tools to register usage, location and inspection information.

water link

Water-link | Digital asset management

Increasing customer satisfaction and experience while at the same time increasing production availability and reliability were the main drivers behind the decision to implement the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform.

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