Water-link | Digital asset management

Increasing customer satisfaction and experience while at the same time increasing production availability and reliability were the main drivers behind the decision to implement the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform.


People, companies and the environment must always have access to water. This has to be high quality, on-demand available and the right quantity. Water must be supplied within the safety of well thought-out infrastructures for supply and discharge.

Water-link offers this certainty through the production, distribution and recycling of water. They develop knowledge, share it and work on innovative solutions to provide everyone, always, with safe water.

Water-link wants to inspire everyone to really use the power of water.

The challenge

Increase profitability

Water-link realized that a lot of time was inefficiently used searching for equipment. Not at all times it was clear why material was not available; was it in maintenance, brought to another site or hidden in one of the big material boxes? Loss of material led sometimes as well to unpleasant discussions with customers or subcontractors.

In order to remain competitive and increase profitability, water-link sought a solution for the ultra-accurate positioning and management (e.g. inspections, maintenance, availability …) of all assets, both outdoor and indoor, in buildings, warehouses and other structures above and below the ground.

One of the biggest challenges was to find one single solution which could enable water-link to connect all the diver’s assets in their production.

The solution had to help increase efficiency of the whole organisation, optimize maintenance costs, care for the wellbeing of the employees and support a positive company imago and culture.

The solution

Innovative & out-of-the-box

Water-link opted for Suivo IoT Cloud Platform for the management of all their assets.

A broad set of different data is registered from the assets such as: GPS location, warehouse and site locations, arrival times, working hours of the teams, kilometers driven, operation hours of machines, tachograph data of trucks, inspection data, etc.

On all the special assets of water-link Suivo’s complete range of trackers and tags came into use: standard GPS trackers for vehicles and construction machines, autonomous trackers with different batteries for valuable tools and toolboxes and low range Sigfox tags for the smaller tools.

The Suivo’s Remote API integrates in real time all these different datasets with the backend system of water-link: LIS (Leidingen Informatie Systeem – a water supply information system).

Thanks to the collaboration with Suivo, we can fill in terms like IoT, Industry 4.0 and Big Data at Water-link, in order to remain the trendsetter for innovation in the water industry.
Steven De Schrijver

Digital asset management

The digital asset management project, so called “Sign & Find project” of water-link included u.o. the following scope:

  • Indoor & ourdoor regsitration for assets Connectivety via GPS (x/y), location by movement and halt
  • Low battery consumption Replaceable lithium batteries with a lifetime of > 5 years
  • Registration frequence depending on parameters (start, stop, …)
  • Rule-based alerts Integration in ERP

The results