Ready-mixed concrete

How do you know that your concrete mixers are running at full capacity? Reduce costs, optimize planning, deploy people and resources more efficiently to improve your customer service.

tracking concrete mixer
Automatic status updates

Automatic status updates

Suivo offers ready-made solutions for the specific challenges that characterize your sector.

  • Automated statuses are registered with th IoT concrete tag. This registers the movement of the concrete mixer and sends the status (start/end unloading, mixing, etc.) to the Cloud Platform.
  • Track & trace shows where your vehicles are in real-time. This allows you to optimize planning, respond flexibly to additional orders and deliver just in time.
  • Small asset management means you can follow up maintenance and inspections of tools, machines and other equipment. This reduces accidents and keeps your drivers safe.

Check-in-at-work for ready-mix concrete

With Check-in-at-work you have a user-friendly solution for the latest attendance registration law. Avoid fines and automate this process right from the start.

  • Create a location on Suivo and link the RSZ number to it. This can also be done via an interface via your own ERP.
  • Link your data by setting an interface between your ERP and Suivo, the driver/employee registers in the vehicle via the Suivo app.
  • Registering at RSZ if there is an interface between your ERP and Suivo, the employees are automatically registered with the RSZ.
concrete mixer asset tracking
concrete gps tracking

Mobile work orders

Speed up your logistic workflow and integrate your TMS or invoicing software. Automate and get ready for your future!

  • The mobile Concrete app allows drivers to receive their orders easily from the dispatchers.
  • Different mobile devices like a navigation device, a simple smartphone or a tablet are all compatible with our mobile apps.
  • Digital delivery notes notes contain all necessary information. This gives you more control over the billing process and fewer over-worked colleagues.

Solutions for ready-mix concrete

Unpredictable working days and construction sites are typical issues for concrete companies. This can be easily resolved by showing drivers real-time arrival times, status (mixing/unloading) or when a job is finished. Your planning becomes easier and the collaboration of all parties improves.

API integrations

API integrations

Get the most out of your data. Suivo API integrates your data fast and easy so all your systems are using the same data.
check-in-at-work usp


User-friendly way to comply with the law on site attendance. Avoid fines and automate administration processes.
driver behavior

Driver behavior

Monitor speeding, acceleration and fuel consumption. Improve your driver’s savety & reduce your costs.
Navigation icon

Navigation & communication

From basic communication needs to innovative, advanced communication & navigation options.

Remote tacho download

Remotely read and download both the driver ID and the mass memory of your tachographs.
small asset

Small asset management

Track small material together with your vehicles! Simplify inventory and inspection process.
time tracking

Time tracking

Keep track of driving/working times of your mobile workforce. Automate the mobility allowance for construction teams.
track trace

Track and trace

The beating heart for most of our customers, with Google Maps at it’s center. Knowing the location of all your assets!

Let's be concrete

The ready-mixed concrete sector has very specific demands. Discover how customers organise deliveries via automatic status updates!

de rycke

De Rycke | Automatic status increase control of logistics process

Due to an enormous expansion, Gebroeders De Rycke has completely modernised its IT environment. The final step was a new on-board computer application for their mixers. De Rycke will be able to use its resources more effectively and hire less external subcontractors.


Fedbeton | Strategic partners for ready-mix concrete

Innovation is becoming increasingly important in our sector. The Fedbeton members - producers of ready-mixed concrete, concrete mixer and concrete pump rental companies - are now seen as service providers in the construction industry. Technology is a crucial link in order to be able to offer an efficient service.

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