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FAQ: CANbus, Tacho and (remote) Tacho Download



FAQ about CANbus, Tacho and (remote) Tacho Download

What is CANbus? What is a tachograph? What is Remote Tacho Download? These are just some of the many questions answered in this blog. Find out here.

Winner Love2Truck 2022: Davy PuPPe Van den Bossche



A shining Davy was selected most passionate trucker of Belgium

Love2Truck is a competition for truck drivers that had its third edition this year. The competition aims to find the most passionate trucker in Belgium, someone who is a role model for the sector and the profession.

transport and logistics



Matchmakers: pairing your trucks with your trailers

The transport and logistics sector is facing a number of major challenges and traditional business models have changed. For several years now, the IoT (Internet of Things) has fortunately been transforming the transport and logistics sector with all kinds of applications for automatic fleet management.

Material Handling Equimpent



Unlock the potential of data generated from your Material Handling Equipment

Anyone working in or around a warehouse or production environment knows that without a solid inventory system, material handling system and MHE it is no trouble to make a mess of things. Just think of your own basement or garage to conclude how quickly something like this can escalate.

De watergroep

Track and trace


Suivo works together with De Watergroep for efficient and sustainable management of vehicle fleet

De Watergroep is partnering with Suivo. This will automate the tracking of 860 vehicles owned by De Watergroep. It will also digitize the tracking of machines and tools. Through the digital tracking of its vehicles, machines and tools, the water company wants to optimize its work planning, maintenance, inspections, repairs, inspections and inventory.



Wanted: matching identification methods

Keeping track of where your employees are or what projects they are working on automatically or digitally has numerous advantages: you avoid administrative hassle, reduce paper consumption, optimize planning, increase security and save time in your workflows, right up to invoicing.



Water-link puts maximum effort into safety and sustainable business

Since 2018, water-link has been working with Edegem's technology company Suivo to map and track all vehicles, machines and tools. The assets are equipped with a tag, a sensor or a tracker that captures data (location, running hours, kilometers, etc.) via intelligent positioning and makes it digitally available in the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform.

trailer and container tracking



Managing your trailers, containers and all stuff inside!

In response to an article for TransportMedia, we were asked why companies would choose a connectivity solution for their trailers and containers AFTER purchasing or leasing them. After all, there are several trailer manufacturers that build in tracking capabilities during production. A good question, indeed. However, the answer lies mainly with the principle of the cobbler and his last.




What about the processing of personal data and other data?

As a data-oriented company, it is only natural that we bring data privacy and data protection to your attention. In fact, it happens regularly that (potential) customers ask us questions about this. Without getting tangled up in dry legalese, let's outline the basic principles.




Eco-scoring of vehicles and drivers in the Suivo platform

Would you like to know how environmentally friendly your fleet is? The eco-score is a handy indicator for comparing vehicles. A number between 0 and 100 makes it possible to measure the ecological character of a vehicle. The higher a vehicle scores, the more environmentally friendly it is.


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