Time registration: what is it and why automate it?

time tracking

Time and people are the most valuable resources in the business world, so it is essential to manage it effectively. To do this, companies need time tracking.

What is time registration?

Time tracking is the process of tracking and recording the hours employees spend on various tasks. This allows companies to manage time more efficiently and optimize the use of time.
Traditional or manual timekeeping is not only error-prone, but it can also lead to time-consuming administrative tasks. Fortunately, there are now digital time tracking solutions, including time tracking systems and time tracking apps.

What is digital time registration?

A time tracking system is a software program used to record hours. This is not done manually, but automatically. The (Suivo) system can be seamlessly linked to the company’s payroll system. Consider possible integrations with ERP packages and social secretariat software. A digital time tracking system can also be used to record various tasks, such as time spent on specific activities and specific client projects, breaks and vacation hours. This system is ideal for companies looking to automate their timekeeping and improve accuracy.

How can you automate time tracking?

Employees can record their hours by using a badge reader, time clock, timer or by scanning a QR code at a specific location.
However, using a time registration app is one of the most popular options these days. These apps are becoming increasingly user-friendly and are ideal for companies with employees who work remotely or are often on the road. With a time tracking app, employees can easily track their hours using their mobile device. This can be any smartphone or tablet. This increases accuracy and allows companies to better manage their employees’ time.

What are the benefits of automatic time registration?

There are many advantages to using digital timekeeping.

  • First, it is simple and efficient. It is much easier to track hours using an automated system or app than to manually record hours on paper or in an Excel-ish spreadsheet. It also reduces the likelihood of human error, which improves accuracy.
  • Second, digital time tracking offers companies greater insight into how employees spend their time. This can help identify and eliminate inefficiencies in the business process, making the company more productive. It can also help plan future projects better by seeing how much time was spent on similar projects in the past.
  • Finally, digital time tracking can help companies improve compliance. Some companies are required by law to keep track of their employees’ hours. By using digital time tracking, the company can easily meet these obligations and protect itself from legal problems.

What should you consider when using a digital time registration app?

A time tracking app can be used to keep track of hours, but often offers other useful features as well. For example, employees can often keep track of their vacation and leave hours in the app, and managers can link time tracking directly to the payroll. This not only saves time, but also reduces the likelihood of errors and mistakes.

In addition to the benefits of digital timekeeping and using a time registration app, there are also some things to consider. For example, employees must be trained on how to use the app and proper and secure data storage must be ensured. Privacy and security issues must also be taken into account.

Did you know that digital time tracking can also help companies improve their compliance? Some companies are required by law to keep track of their employees’ hours. By using digital timekeeping, the company can easily meet these obligations and protect itself from legal problems or fines. An example is the mandatory recording of employees on construction sites. Those employees must register with the NSSO according to legal obligations; better known as “Check-in-at-work”.

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