Locating, inventorying, reserving, planning, inspecting, and allocating costs for assets.

The power of Suivo in Asset Management

Suivo measures numerous parameters, gathering a wealth of data. Measurement is, of course, knowledge, but ultimately, it’s about what you do with it. The collected data provide insights into the capacity and utilisation of your vehicles, assets, and personnel.

This is particularly relevant in the construction sector, as few industries make more extensive use of machinery, materials, tools, and other valuable items. Moreover, there are standard logistical elements that are essential for a smooth construction process. You deal with different locations – warehouses and construction sites – and different field personnel, each with their specific skills and tasks.

“By digitising, it’s possible to better align the processes related to assets and mobile workers,” says Frédéric Van Durme, CEO of Suivo.

Suivo initially started with Vehicle Telematics, simplistically tracing vehicles. Tools, machinery, and materials were added to that, and now Suivo’s IoT platform also tracks the locations of your colleagues ‘in the field.’ “In a nutshell, we connect people and assets,” explains Frédéric Van Durme. “This offers more and more possibilities for daily business operations.”

What can you do with the collected data?

Monitoring your assets offers numerous benefits. You always know where your assets are and in what condition they are.

Your employees no longer need to search for the materials or machines they require; they can be easily located. You also know if they require inspection, repairment, or maintenance. This is safer for your employees, ensuring they don’t work with defective or uninspected equipment.

Machines, tools, or vehicles can also be reserved for specific times and tasks. This ensures your craftsmen don’t go to the construction site in vain. Additionally, there are more interesting options: you can, for example, track the operating hours of a (rented/leased) machine, making it easy to accurately link usage and consumption costs of machines or tools to a project, construction site, or task, enabling accurate billing.

For users of our platform, it’s also straightforward to schedule maintenance, repairs, or inspections.

Practical Examples: “A missing measuring device was quickly found in the roadside.”

“We can, of course, look back on many optimisations we’ve accomplished for our clients over the years, but I’d like to highlight an incident at our client De Watergroep that perfectly illustrates the added value of Suivo,” reveals Van Durme with some pride, “But I prefer to let them tell it themselves.”

Guy De Maesschalk is Fleet Management Manager at De Watergroep and is happy to share their recent experience: “De Watergroep has long been a ‘Suivo believer.’ Nearly 900 of our vehicles are equipped with geolocation software and badge readers. We can easily monitor our vehicles. We also want to elevate our asset management to a higher level. Therefore, we’ve been experimenting with BLE tags for a few weeks. A valuable measuring device equipped with such a tag had disappeared. Thanks to the trackers, the device was found in a grassy verge and could quickly be put back into use. Suivo’s technology also protects us against loss or theft.”

Would you like only authorised individuals to access specific areas or zones and ensure that only authorised individuals use machines and vehicles? You can! Find out how.

You determine how, where, by whom, and when machines and vehicles may be used and access granted to certain zones or locations. You receive a notification when an unknown driver logs in or when a person or vehicle enters an unknown or ‘no-go’ zone. Impact or sabotage of your machine is also quickly reported via SMS or email.

B-Close is a customer that takes advantage of this. Bart Vandekerckhove, Service Manager at B-Close, is reassured: “We are now certain that only authorised individuals operate our machines. This prevents potential issues and accidents.”

In addition to asset management, Suivo can also assist in Workforce Management. Suivo offers various methods for automatic time registration and digitising the cumbersome check-in-at-work registrations.

Patrick Peeters, CEO of Cibor, chose these solutions: “While initially we were only looking for a simple way to register our employees’ working hours, we encountered a nice additional benefit during the project. Previously, the mandatory Check-in-at-work was done manually, usually one day before the activity. If that didn’t work out or was forgotten, the technician couldn’t work that day. Thanks to automatic Check-in-at-work registration, this problem has been completely eliminated, and we save a lot of valuable time.

Learn more about Check-in-at-work.

Modules for Flexible Customisation

Every day, new possibilities emerge to streamline business processes based on IoT and location-related data. All Suivo solutions are aimed at maximising your existing capacity. How does Suivo help with this? Suivo collects data from people and the assets they use, and you can choose the modules or applications that are relevant to your organisation.

View the Suivo platform as a kind of building block. Various modules allow you to respond to your current needs and desires at any time. If the digital transformation of your organisation is rather complex, or if you wish to integrate with other (software) systems, you can always rely on Professional Services. This is a team within Suivo consisting of experts and developers whom you can flexibly deploy for intricate digitalisation projects. So, Suivo grows with you for monitoring ‘people, things & wheels.’

Imagine your business activities and workflows in a world where you always know where your most valuable assets are located. This enables numerous workflow optimisations that lead to more sustainable, safer, and more efficient organisations.

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