De Watergroep | Corporate responsibility and cost efficiency go hand in hand

Caring is one of the core values of De Watergroep. Taking care of the resources used, paying attention to safety and the environment, and working in a cost-conscious way. With the new technology of Suivo we can take further steps forward in the field of sustainability, efficiency and cost awareness.

De Watergroep
De watergroep
De watergroep


De Watergroep is an integrated water company that provides services within the entire water chain. Through a network of over 34,000 kilometers of pipes, it serves 3.3 million household customers in 177 Flemish municipalities in West and East Flanders, Flemish Brabant and Limburg. This makes De Watergroep the largest drinking water company in Flanders. De Watergroep has 85 groundwater reclamations and 5 surface water reclamations, together good for a drinking water production of 132 million m³ in 2020. De Watergroep is also a partner in the development of municipal sewerage networks and supplied more than 9 million m³ of tailor-made industrial water to industrial customers in 2020. De Watergroep selects a sustainable and suitable water source (such as river water, rainwater or effluent from an industrial water treatment plant) at the location of these customers and converts it to the desired final quality.

The challenge

Increase efficiency & sustainability

The number of assets available to an organization like De Watergroep is gigantic.

We don’t need to tell you that it’s a feat to keep track of them. A first challenge is to gain insight into where their vehicles and materials are located.

Having an overview of the locations of all these assets is of course one thing. But what can we do with them? The biggest question is of course to what extent they can automate and optimize complex processes.

To make that possible you need more than just the location of your assets.

It is in De Watergroep’s interest to know who is driving the vehicles, what materials are present in a particular vehicle or warehouse and what condition your machines, materials and tools are in. You are nothing to do with a crane that is in the right place but turns out to be faulty.

The solution

The solution is threefold

  • From the workforce management angle: for safety and efficiency, you want only authorized persons and employees to drive certain vehicles and operate (large) machines.  The technical employees of De Watergroep identify themselves with their staff badges when they use one of the vehicles, excavators, tractors, delivery vans or trucks. In addition, it creates clarity regarding the employability of people. Thanks to this overview, you can schedule your colleagues more efficiently.
  • From the telematics angle: Suivo equips 860 De Watergroep vehicles with its geolocation hardware and a badge reader that connect to Suivo’s platform.  This way they are able to follow their vehicles in real time and see which vehicles are available near where an (urgent) task needs to be done.The Suivo BlackBoxes were installed in the assets that have an engine. So not only vehicles, but also other larger rolling motorized material. That is modern fleet management.
  • From the Asset Management point of view: also all other assets are equipped with passive or autonomous trackers and tags. Drillers, ladders, compressors, augers and other tools of De Watergroep received a tag or tracker from Suivo. With a user-friendly mobile app – the Suivo Worker App – employees of De Watergroep can view the location of the tools, but also their status. When they consult the app they can see if an asset is available, defective or under maintenance for example. In addition, they can also make or receive a notification in the app that there is a defect, a repair or maintenance needed. This gives them a grip on how much of the capacity they are actually using at De Watergroep.

    All the collected data is centralized on the Suivo IoT Cloud platform. The data can be consulted at any time, as well as reports and dashboards to visualize the data. The dashboards make the data easy to interpret and in this way De Watergroep can switch faster and make decisions.


With Suivo's new technology, we are making strides in terms of sustainability, efficiency and cost-consciousness. This investment shows that corporate social responsibility can go hand in hand with operational and financial benefits.
Hans Goossens - DWG
Hans Goossens

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