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Thanks to Suivo, the registration and insights into Cibor's employees' time allocation and usage improved considerably. They keep track of their own movements and working hours, which is much easier for technicians and administrative staff. Data processing is faster and with fewer errors.

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Cibor offers a comprehensive range of services for solving problems in and around buildings and swimming pools. Services are divided into four departments: leak detection, building pathology, special repair techniques and concrete operations. Whether it’s gas, water or fuel leaks, odor nuisance, draft problems, a broken drain, heavy-duty anchoring, drilling holes in concrete, … Cibor always puts the same speed, meticulousness and professionalism into action.

The challenge

Over the past 15 years, Cibor has grown significantly, expanding its services and providing interventions across the country. This evolution also came with not-unusual-growing pains.  The entire process of time registration, for example, was in desperate need of a new approach. The processing, checking and possible adjusting simply took too much time. The handwritten documents were sometimes hard to read and got lost from time to time. Also, registered hours were often passed on last-minute or even too late, making Cibor unsure about the accuracy. It resulted in duplication of effort and loss of time. An additional consequence was that the payment of salaries, as well as billing to customers, was not always correct. Cibor wanted an accurate and reliable solution.

The solution

Time Logger, a Suivo app, provided a solution to Cibor’s challenges and, among other things, made it easier to track hours accurately, which is beneficial for the technicians on the job as well as for the administrative staff.

Thanks to the new method for time registration, payroll calculation (for mobility allowances) runs considerably better at Cibor. The organization no longer has to deal with lost timesheets, work orders or other paperwork. Manual input is eliminated and no there’s no more sloppy handwriting to decipher. Moreover, processing does not have to wait until the papers or timesheets are brought in. Optimizing these processes also makes billing to the end customer more accurate and faster.

Employees keep track of what interventions they do, recording their work time. If they are on the road, they are able to indicate this as travel time themselves. For the technical leak detection and repair departments, this is done with the ‘Time Logger’ app. Hourly registration for the concrete department is done in a different way. Employees identify themselves with a badge when they get into their vehicles. The black box in their vehicle registers and transmits. For concrete work, registering for Check-in-at-work is mandatory. The black boxes in the vehicles combined with so-called geofencing, make sure this happens automatically. Cibor places a virtual fence around each job site that registers when the vehicle enters. Social Security is automatically informed and Cibor is compliant. About seventy mobile workers are using the Time Logger. About ten employees use the badge in the vehicle.

Everyone benefits: our employees on the job, our people in planning and administration and also our customers.
Marijn Delespaul
IT manager

More accurate

The above practices are very simple and much more accurate than before. Before, hours were more often misestimated or even forgotten to pass on. Now employee payouts run more smoothly. The registrations through the app or through the black box are centralized on the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform and  the data are automatically being synchronized with the data from SD WORX’s Protime app.

Marijn Delespaul, IT manager at Cibor: “Expectations are being met: we are working more accurately, more reliably, faster and more efficiently. An thereis an additional advantage, namely the increased satisfaction among our employees and customers. We notice a positive impact on our customer service. The freed up time allows our administrative staff to give more attention to the customer and his questions. This is much more pleasant for both the employee and the customer.”



Patrick Peeters, general manager of Cibor: “Although our main wish was already fulfilled, we came across a nice added value in the course of the project. An unexpected effect that makes me even more excited about the project. Previously, the mandatory Check-in-at-work was done manually, usually one day prior to the activity. If it failed or was forgotten, the technician could not start working that day. Thanks to automatic registration with Check-in-at-work, that problem has been completely eliminated.”

Marijn Delespaul continous with other advantages: “Because the track-and-trace also allows us to see the location of our technicians, it is easier to immediately forward urgent interventions that come in on the day itself to the nearest specialist.”

The arrival of Suivo has streamlined a lot of processes. This benefits the mobile staff, as well as scheduling, administration and HR staff. They notice those operational benefits every day. The organization gains in efficiency and saves money. Because you can make a better estimate of the work, communication with the end customer about the planning of the work is also better. This is important when your customer is faced with an urgent intervention such as a gas leak, for example.

Watch the video case here.

The results