6 Benefits of using the cloud for remote tacho download


More and more vehicles – and other assets for that matter – are capable of generating data. The possibility to collect that data, gives us valuable insights to make complex workflows faster, more efficient, safer and more optimal.

Examples that make better use of the capacity of your fleet, are track & trace, driver analysis, eco-scoring tools and remote tacho download solutions.

Here we’re elaborating on remote tacho downloads. As it happens, the European directives make it relevant to any organisation with commercial vehicles of 3.5 tonnes or more.

What is Remote download of tachograph data?

Remote tacho download refers to the process of retrieving data from a digital tachograph remotely, without physically accessing the vehicle or the tachograph. The device is mandatory in the EU for commercial vehicles of +3,5 tonnes and installed to record various data related to driving and rest times, speed, distance, and other relevant information.

What are the benefits of cloud-based solutions to download tacho data?

  1. Accessibility: Cloud-based solutions allow authorized users to access tachograph data from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This eliminates the need to physically visit each vehicle or tacho unit for data retrieval.
  2. Efficiency: Remote tacho download streamlines the process of retrieving data from multiple vehicles. Instead of manually downloading data from each tachograph, cloud-based solutions can automatically collect and organize the information, saving time and effort.
  3. Real-time monitoring: Cloud-based systems like the one from Suivo, enable real-time monitoring of tacho data, providing instant access to crucial information such as driving times and compliance status. This allows fleet managers or compliance officers to quickly identify potential violations or issues and take appropriate action.
  4. Data security and backup: Storing tacho data in the cloud provides an added layer of security. Additionally, regular backups can be performed to ensure data integrity and availability.
  5. Simplified compliancy: The Suivo Tacho Cloud solution comes with features that help automate compliance management. They can generate reports, analyze data for compliance violations, and provide alerts or notifications when drivers are nearing their legal limits, ensuring adherence to regulations and reducing the risk of penalties.
  6. Integration with other systems: The Tacho Cloud solution can integrate with other Suivo modules, such as track and trace or dispatching software. The endless integration possibilities allow seamless data flows between different platforms, enabling better fleet management and decision-making.

Suivo Tacho Cloud as the Worry-free solution for your fleet

The Suivo hardware can: 

  • connect directly to any smart tachograph
  • accommodate remote mass storage and driver card memory downloads.

Tacho Cloud makes local servers, their maintenance and the knowledge they require, redundant.

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Read the Solution Brief about Tacho Cloud

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