De Rycke | Automatic status increase control of logistics process

Due to an enormous expansion, Gebroeders De Rycke has completely modernised its IT environment. The final step was a new on-board computer application for their mixers. De Rycke will be able to use its resources more effectively and hire less external subcontractors.


De Rycke is a supplier of building materials and ready-mixed concrete. The family business has already been a part of some very impressive projects (including the Liefkenshoek rail tunnel), and they will now also help to build the Oosterweel connection. Due to an enormous expansion, Gebroeders De Rycke has completely modernised its IT environment in recent years.

The challenge

Control of logistics

The ready-mixed concrete sector is very specific. It is not possible to keep stock in inventory, and the deliveries are very unpredictable: no 100% fixed volumes and therefore a variable number of trips per order, with variable unloading times.

Thanks to Suivo, a complete automatic status display of departure from depot, arrival at yard, start and end of unloading, departure from yard and arrival at depot can be achieved.

This allows De Rycke to schedule the production of the next load of concrete at the right time: not too early to ensure the quality of the concrete is guaranteed, but not too late, which means the orders can be followed up quickly. This system, which does not require interaction from the driver, is unique.

Registering the start and end of unloading is carried out by means of tags on the concrete mixers that detect the direction of rotation of the drum, thus providing the status of discharge/mixing.

The solution

Transparent transport

This has the advantage that discussions with the customer are avoided because the correct information is always available.

The drivers of the trucks get their transport orders via the mobile transport app. This contains all the required details: goods to be delivered, empty management/returns, etc. In addition, a predefined route can be provided for navigation.

The customer signs off for receipt of goods electronically, In addition, it is possible to record damages and take photographs to document the damage clearly.

De Rycke is processing transport orders efficiently and as a result, ensures faster and better processing of their orders.

We are able to use resources far more effectively and hire fewer external subcontractors for transport. This has a positive impact on our margin.
Koen De Rycke
Managing Partner

The results

Thanks to the solutions provided by Suivo Telematics, De Rycke will be able to use its resources far more effectively and hire less external transport, resulting in the company expecting an increase in the yield of 2.9%.