Vehicle Telematics

Just about every organization faces transportation and logistics challenges. For several years now, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been happily transforming the transportation and logistics industry – as well as very different organizations that have fleets – with a variety of applications for automated fleet management.

Vehicle Telematics


Access to real-time data and connectivity helps companies maximize profits while achieving new levels of efficiency, sustainability and safety. There is no question that the use of telematics directly and indirectly addresses some of those challenges.

Optimization of Vehicles & Fleet

Navigation & Communication

Tracking & Trip Logging of any vehicle

Truck & Trailer Pairing

Driving analysis

Capicity monitoring and Performance of the Fleet

Mission-critical response capability

Automatic status updates

Our domains

Compatible building blocks


The technologies and modules available today are aimed at facilitating communication, speeding it up, reducing human error, ensuring safety and transparent and accurate project tracking.


An overview of the locations and condition of all your materials: that makes things easier!

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