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For small assets, tools, consumables. Asset management for everyone!


For valuable assets without an engine. Incredible global autonomous location tracking.


For assets with an engine. Advanced solutions for machines, vehicles, people and more!


Manage your tools, inventory, consumables & small assets. With small tags and mobile apps, asset management becomes accessible for anyone.

  • Manage your small assets by knowing where they are, how many are left and what their current status is. This can be anything from tools, screws, ladders to even laptops or phones.
  • Keep track of maintenance and inspection. Add maintenance workflows with checklists for specific assets. Inspections can be registered and planned so you’re never using assets that are not safe or compliant with the law.
  • Register damages with a description and picture. The status of the asset will change and you’ll know what to repair.


Locate your assets all over the world. Our Hydrogen trackers have incredible global connectivity, long-lasting and replaceable batteries and are super easy to install. This is especially useful for non-powered assets.

  • Any type of connectivity depending on the location of your asset. Whether it is LoRa, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, 2G and GPS. We can even provide LTE-M ready trackers!
  • Autonomous hardware that you can install yourself. No complicated receptors or cables. The Hydrogen trackers can be used just on their own without any hassle.
  • Intelligent batteries last between 3-12 years. The Hydrogen trackers always search for the most battery-saving and efficient connectivity near them.
Hydrogen tracker
Carbon Tracking


For more advanced solutions, our Carbon package is the one. Starting with a BlackBox in your powered assets, you can get creative with statuses, automated workflows and insightful reports. We've made lots of hardware and software options to create your perfect business case.

  • Fleet management of powered assets (vehicles or machines) allows you much more flexibility and efficiency. Things like time tracking, trip logging, optimizing navigation pay off their ROI very quickly.
  • Status adds a lot of value when combined with location data. You can know who’s using a machine, if it’s on or off, how long has it been running, what’s the fuel level, …?
  • Industry specific legal compliance is an important topic for Suivo. In most industries there are specific report or admin data that need to be tracked to comply with the law. With the data we track, we make sure everything is reported to be legally compliant.


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