Comparison Tool: Asset trackers

Choosing the right asset tracking solution from the vast array of available solutions can be challenging. But it’s worth taking the time to find the right option for you.

Be efficient with your time. Instead of spending time searching for assets, objects or machines, choose the right asset tracking solution and you’ll be able to analyze your operations to gain valuable new insights.

Why do I need “Autonomous” or battery-powered trackers?

There are a lot of misunderstandings about battery-powered trackers. However, they offer a range of advantages including easy installation and low cost. This makes the man interesting option for tracking machines with an engine or power source as well as non-powered assets/objects.

Autonomous trackers can be attached to assets/objects and the battery life lasts for at least 2 years, but often over 5 years. But it’s important to note two aspects that battery life will depend on the chosen positioning & transmission method and the configured transmission frequency. Questions to consider include:

  • How specific does the position of the tracker need to be? How accurate does the position need to be? Is an accuracy of up to 10 meters required, or is 300-500m or even up to a kilometer sufficient?
  • How often does the position change of the asset/object you want to track?
  • Other aspects: what are the environmental conditions in which the trackers need to function (e.g. amount of dust, weather extremes)? What size fits on the asset/object? What regions or countries will it be used in? What information (apart from location) do you need?

Autonomous, battery-powered asset tracking: what can you expect?

We have another article about the difference between active and passive tags, here we’re comparing autonomous or battery-powered asset tracking solutions.

We have downsized our analysis to some providers that we know. If you want to add another provider, you are welcome to request our complete file. If this sounds like too much of an effort, then send us the provider’s name and we’ll add it for you!

We have compared the following attributes:

  • Power source: replaceable or not
  • Battery life indicated
  • Transmission frequency
  • Position technology and accuracy
  • Data transmission technologies
  • Installation
  • Configuration options
  • Possibility to monitor via mobile app
  • Certifications
  • Size
  • Cost (hardware and software)
  • Industry focus

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Get in touch! Request the complete file and add providers you would like to compare or shoot all your questions at us.

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