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'En route' to sustainable and circular concrete! In the coming decades, our ability to adapt the country to changing circumstances in a smart way will be called upon more than ever. Global warming and the associated demographic developments mean that the construction task is fundamentally different from what we are used to.

Concrete Event Suivo

Before we act, we need to consider carefully how we want to live and thus how we want to build now and in the future. And how does concrete fit in with this? At the Concrete Day/Concrete Event editions of 2019, 2020 and 2022, the program further discussed the consequences that this vision of the future has for building with concrete.   


The world does not stand still, developments are happening at a rapid pace. Central themes for the upcoming years remain:  

  • Development of new materials  
  • Adaptive and circular design, inquiry and delivery  
  • Lifespan extension and reuse of concrete . 


Besides more efficiency for your organization, Suivo is offering solutions to support those challenges moving towards more circularity and sustainability. 


Visit our booth and other key note sessions that will fuel you with inspiration for next steps. 




Most of the key note sessions and presentaions will be in Dutch. 



Visiting the Concrete Event is not for free. Registration via the event website. 

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November 16 From 09:00 - 17:00


Van Nelle Fabriek - Van Nelleweg 1 3044 BC Rotterdam