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One system for all

Trucks, trailers, drivers, subcontractors, order management, ... What you need is accurate information to efficiently coordinate it all.

  • Trucks, trailers, forklifts and more can be tracked. Our great portfolio of trackers, autonomous trackers, active and passive tags obtain data from your fleet.
  • Transport orders can be directly connected to your TMS. Our mobile Transport app provides features like digital delivery notes, damage registration and even automated invoicing.
  • Access drivers information via the remote tacho download. Dispatch transport orders to the drivers who are available and have still enough driving time to do the job.
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Transport solutions

Is the trailer occupied? Is it parked where it's supposed to be? Suivo offers answers to these questions so you can optimize the usage of your vehicles and assets.


Fleets running with Suivo

These awesome companies use our transport features already. Read the cases to find out how!

Th. Wouters finds its chassis with Suivo

Thanks to their dispatchers always knowing where there is a free chassis, the company is now able to plan trips more efficiently and arrange future technical inspections and maintenance on time.

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(NL) Innovative transport management

Molenbergnatie commits to innovative transport management with Suivo. Molenbergnatie resolutely chose to modernize its business processes. "Innovative transport management in a digitizing end-to-end supply chain."

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Heli goes into the cloud

In order to remain competitive, we needed to bundle all phases of our machine rental - from orders, through planning and transportation and even inspection and repairs - into one system.

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(NL) Van Moer Logistics tracks 1400 trailers

The major advantage of the Suivo system is the simplification of our planning, which allows us to save a lot of time. Other benefits include theft prevention and accurate reporting to our customers. (...)

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