Agora selects Suivo tracking system

This investment forms part of the modernization of the company’s IT environment.

Agora, the market leading wholesale center for professional florists and garden centers, has turned to Suivo and Go4Logistics for an integrated telematics and logistics solution that will ensure perfect follow-up of their delivery vehicles, including distributing daily schedules and task lists for drivers. This investment forms part of the modernization of the company’s IT environment.

Integrated overviews, more control and real-time information flows

When discussing their requirements, Agora highlighted three issues that they wanted the new solution to solve: more control over empty goods management; better overview of all transport orders; and real-time information flows between branches, drivers and sub-contractors.

1. More control over empty goods management

Transporting flowers and plants is more complex than simply loading a truck in one location and unloading it at another. Instead, the delivery truck needs to arrive at the delivery location with special containers that keep the flowers in perfect condition during transportation. It is not easy for Agora to follow-up on the total amount of containers needed and the exchange of them at different locations.

By creating a connection between the Suivo transport app and the empty goods management software module in the Go4Logistics’ backend ERP, Go4TMS, Agora will be able to accurately monitor and follow-up their special containers, as well as the rest of their assets.

2. Better overview of all transport orders

Currently, Agora edits sales orders in three different systems, making it difficult for the transport department to follow-up in an efficient way. Go4Logistics recommends using their order import module in their Transport Management System (TMS, a Microsoft Dynamics application) to capture and manage all orders in one system.

3. Real-time information flows

Agora’s purchasing companies in France, Italy and the Netherlands deliver to its 22 Cash & Carry branches in Belgium and France via their own fleet of 12 trucks. The fleet is supplemented by up to 30 additional sub-contractors driving their own vehicles during busy periods such as Christmas or Mother’s Day.

Suivo suggested a mobile app for all Agora and sub-contracted drivers to ensure better follow-up of deliveries (and empty goods management). The mobile app would be linked to Go4Logistics’ Go4TMS and provide each driver with his/her daily schedule and enable him/her to finish their daily tasks, for example: scanning goods, registering empty goods, handling returns, damage registration, photographing damage or transport documents, signing receipts, and emailing POD. The app would also transmit information in real-time back to Go4TMS to enable dispatchers to follow-up deliveries.

Additionally, Suivo recommended installing a professional vehicle tracking system for Agora’s 12 trucks. The tracking system will be completed with a driving analysis application and an option for a digital tachograph download. The system ensures a perfect follow-up of the trucks’ locations, the driving analysis application maps the driving styles of the different drivers and the automatic tachograph download gives the dispatcher a clear overview of the driving and rest times of each driver.

Suivo and Go4Logistics integration

Together Suivo and Go4Logistics offer a total solution that fits Agora’s requirements by automating internal information flows to bring Agora’s customer service to a new level.

About Agora

From its five Cash & Carry branches in Belgium and a further 17 in France, Agora offers everything that professional florists and garden centers need under one roof: daily fresh cut flowers and green materials, a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants, basic necessities and the latest trends in decoration. Agora also has purchasing companies in France, Italy and the Netherlands.

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