Asset Management 2.0? Digitize your asset management and link it with your inspection data!

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The advantages of Asset Management

Thanks to tagging and tracking of your assets small and large, you keep an overview of all your stuff and that has quite a few advantages:

  • You know where your tools, machines and consumables are. So you don’t waste time searching for the right equipment.
  • You get insight into the use of equipment and materials, so the costs associated with them can also be correctly linked (and billed) to specific projects.
  • It ensures that the materials at your disposal are used optimally.
  • It provides a structured system for managing your inventory.
  • You know the status of your assets, because it is visible whether a tool/tool is usable, broken or in need of maintenance.

All this info is easily accessible on the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform and in the Suivo Starter and Worker app.

An open platform allows for endless integration possibilities

Collecting data based on the location of your assets and people on the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform is an important first step in your digital transformation.

But it only gets really interesting when you can connect this data with even more interesting data that is important for running your organization.  It is the oil that provides more logic, transparency and ease of use in your workflows.

The link with other systems or software can easily be realized via the Suivo API (application programming interface); one of the advantages of working with an open platform.

The data enrichment that this provides, result in additional insights, but also in the efficient sharing of information and thus even more optimal workflows. All your processes better aligned. That’s our commitment!

LOCALIKEUR: A recipe you have to taste!

Inspection and asset location are such 2 processes that can be better coordinated. It makes no sense at all to manage the data from those 2 processes in 2 different places. When you connect your inspection data with the data you collect on the Suivo platform (location, condition, running hours, …), you break the silos, deduplicate your work and gain more insights.

Integrating the Suivo data with inspection data is relevant and valuable for so many organizations that Suivo launched this concept as LOCALIKEUR: a mix of your location data and your inspection data. A cocktail for every season.

Whether you are in construction, in a production environment, warehouse, or in transport and logistics: this integration guarantees the simplification of your processes, shortens your (response) time and of course enhances the safety of your people. After all, you want to avoid anyone getting injured by using a faulty or rejected machine!

Suivo developed a so-called ‘Connector’ to make this integration as easy as possible:

  • Implementation is ‘plug & play’
  • Process analysis is included
  • Transparent pricing model
  • No need to hire additional professional services


ACEG, BTV and Vinçotte are examples of inspection organizations with their own software solutions that we link to the Suivo IoT Cloud platform.

  • After the physical inspection of assets by the inspectors, the results of those inspections are written and consultable via their software.
  • Thanks to the connector, you can easily retrieve the inspection status and inspection certificate.
  • When an inspection status changes (e.g. an asset is rejected for further use), events can be triggered and other attribute values changed automatically.
  • Inspectors also benefit from significant time savings because they too no longer have to search for assets to be inspected.
  • Knowing the latest condition of your tools, materials, machines or vehicles is just a matter of scanning a QR code!


Water-link and Suivo take a digital journey together

Water-link is one of our customers who discovered the power of IoT. And they had the pleasure of tasting the LOCALIKEUR. This creates in their organization:

  • transparency,
  • optimization,
  • environmental awareness,
  • more efficiency and
  • more safety.

Read more about this case in BLOGPOST: Water-link puts maximum effort into safety and sustainable business

Peter Geldhof is happy to tell you more during the WEBINAR: Your Favourite All-Seasons Recipe for Asset Management: Localikeur. (Dutch only)

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