Part III: DIY & Tracker Configuration

Discover more about DIY Installation, Asset Tracker Configuration and Certifications

DIY Installation

As mentioned earlier, one of the major advantages of autonomous or battery-powered trackers, is their easy installation which you can often do yourself. Simply fix with bolts, self-tapping screws, zip-ties, two-compound polymer glue, or double-sided tape. Or a combination of these methods.

Instead of having to connect the trackers to an engine, autonomous trackers can be placed wherever it fits best on the asset/object. This means it can be interesting to place a battery-powered tracker on a machine without an engine (low cost, flexible location and DIY installation).

Suivo ensures all its autonomous trackers are weather proof withIP68 rating or better (most products are even IP69K rated) so they can be mounted on the roof or outside the tracked asset. This improves positioning accuracy and data transmission signal strength when the asset is located in storage buildings or on remote sites.

Tracker Configuration App& Mobile App

We have systems which come with or without an installation/configuration app. The more advanced the provider, the more likely you are to get this additional service. With an app you can configure extra information while installing the asset in the field for extra flexibility. Other systems need information to be uploaded to the web platform and activated to work fully. This is quick and easy, but restricts flexibility and data entry slightly.

Once the autonomous asset trackers are installed, employees in the field can use the app to search for assets or register damage or maintenance requirements. Without a mobile app, you will still need some paper work in your asset management process.

Mobile apps tend to have the following basic functions: search for assets, register assets location & transfer, damage, and inspections.



The highest rating is IP69K which covers complete protection from dust and protection from steam-jet cleaning (water temperatures up to 80°C).

First digit indicates:

6: Dust tight: complete protection from dust and contact

Second digit indicates:

7: Immersion up to 1m

8: Immersion over 1 m (hermetically sealed)

9K: Protection from close-range pressure and high temperatures


Assets/objects(tank, containers, etc.) used to carry dangerous goods must hold a special certificate, sometimes known as an ‘ADR Certificate’. As being compliant with ADR requirements ensures safety while transporting dangerous or toxic goods that are dangerous, it’s important that your asset trackers are compliant too.


An ATEX approved tracking device can operate in any environment where you need a system that is intrinsically safe. Intrinsic safe tracking means using a device which has been tested to a high level of safety standards and contains certification for ATEX levels, e.g. for usage in oil refineries, and power stations.

API integration

Once you track the location of your assets/objects you might want to use this information via a API in other systems such as:

  • ERP/Enterprise Asset Management systems (SAP, Infor, IBM)
  • TMS (Transportation Management System)
  • GIS (Geographic Information System)
  • Route Planning software

Check the provider’s documentation about business cases.

  • What experience or APIs do they offer?
  • Does the tracking device provider have its own backend system? This means that integration with their systems will be smooth, but how easy is it to connect to other systems?


We continuously monitor the tracking solutions market, not only for autonomous, battery powered asset tracking, but for all kind of tracking solutions, such as small asset tracking and vehicle tracking, as we also operate in these categories.

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