Go explore: lots of novelties to find in the Suivo IoT platform (and beyond!)

The Q4 release of the Suivo IoT platform is a fact! There are many improvements or extras that we would like to share with you!
Q4 Release 2021


What are the changes?

1. We are introducing an additional tab in our platform: DASHBOARDS.

This new module is visible to all administrators, power users and full access users. The intention is of course to give you as a customer a clear overview of your data and the statuses of your assets. You should be able to see all your most important data at a glance.

It allows you to simply see, for example, how many vehicles are in motion, how many people are registered for Check-in-at-work or how many assets are due for inspection.

We are pretty proud of these developments and we hope you will find them very useful!  Nevertheless, we realize that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

There might be some hitches in the set-up of our current dashboarding view. Please consider the DASHBOARDING module of this release as a beta version. 

In the near future, different views of the dashboards will be made possible. Each sector has its own challenges and what is relevant for one type of customer may not be for another. 

To ensure that the visualized dashboards in the future perfectly match the needs of your sector and organization, we invite all administrators, power users and full access users to fill out a short questionnaire. 

So we need your input! Log in to the Suivo IoT platform and take a closer look at the current dashboards. Let us know what the dashboards should look like, so we can take your feedback into account in their further development! 


2. Launch of the ECO DRIVE App

Drivers of vehicles equipped with a BlackBox can now use the ECO DRIVE APP. The collected data gives administrators (on the platform) and drivers (in their app) insight into their driving behavior. The data can be displayed per day and the details are shown per vehicle. (Available in the stores 15/12)

The benefits? 

  • A handy overview of the trips made (also to be consulted on the map), idling, G-forces, traffic offences, average and maximum speeds, …
  • The collected data result in an ECO-SCORE.
  • It is an accessible tool to raise drivers’ awareness of sustainability and safety

3. Integration with Bosch materials

Yay! It is now also possible to scan the tags in and on selected BOSCH tools and materials with the Starter App via Bluetooth.

TIP: Do you know there are short instruction videos available for the Starter App on YouTube? Click here.

4. Reading Construbadges

By adding a special RFID reader to wharf posts (not standard), Construbadges can now also be used for easy Check-in-at-work.

5. Deleting records in lists

Thanks to an additional security, it is now impossible to ‘accidentally’ delete items from the platform. An additional verification code must be entered before people, locations, assets or users can be deleted.



6. Other steps in the area of Hardware:

  • Support Squarell remote
  • Support 4G/5G Hydrogen A-tracker
  • Support for >4 input ports


7. Change view for edits / actions in the platform

The possible actions that you used to see as a user via a button and a drop-down menu in each list form have been replaced. If you want to edit something and/or take an action, you now click on the 3 dots at the end of the line / at the very right of the column. By clicking on the 3 dots, you will see all possible actions. The actions are different for each list.

Thanks to this change, more space is created for the columns.


8. Smaller improvements can be found in:

Details on these are included in the release notes.


Important note: 

‍The changes and improvements will only be visible for those who have an active license in the Suivo IoT platform for the named hardware / modules / apps. If the modules of your interest aren’t activated, contact your account manager to advise you. 

Release notes 

You can find the full release notes on our service desk page:

The new release is being launched on Thursday, the 25th of November.

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