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Suivo Academy: The Essentials of the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform and deep dive

Discover the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform and discover the possibilities during one of our deep-dives. All provided by our experts.

What topics will be covered?

During this event, we will cover essential topics such as time registration, identification, automation of check-in-at-work, track & trace of vehicles, follow-up of assets, resource scheduling, admin and user management, reports, and dashboards.

We will also be presenting live demos, showcasing the use cases, and highlighting the platform’s functionalities.

Next to the web platform, we’re presenting different apps. The use of the apps on smart devices make sure you understand how to easily capture relevant data, as well as consult your valuable data and reports.

There will be deep dives regarding the topics you wish to be covered. You can save your seat and suggets some topics here.

Why should you join the training?

The Suivo IoT Cloud platform has come a long way since its inception, and we believe that it has evolved into a much more intuitive and user-friendly platform. However, the layout and functionalities have also grown tremendously. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for existing platform users to learn about the new features and tweaks and get the maximum out of the platform.

In addition, it is an excellent introduction for new colleagues who will need to learn how to work with the platform.

Keep in mind that this is a hands-on training on how to use the platform. Therefore, there is no point in registering for this training if you are not a Suivo customer.

Who should join?

  • Platform users in need of ‘a refresh’ (dispatchers, planners, HR staff, fleet managers, IT staff, …)
  • Existing users who are not yet familiar with new features and modules
  • New colleagues who need to learn how to work with the platform
  • The Essentials training broadens your knowledge; it’s not a deep dive in a specific module! 


Join us on this exciting journey and learn how the Suivo IoT Cloud platform can help you manage your vehicle telematics, workforce management, and asset management efficiently. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and boost your business’s performance.




September 19 2024 


Language: Dutch


Seats are limited. Attending is free of charge.

Pre-requisites: please bring your laptop in case you have one and your Suivo login credentials.

You can join this session with multiple colleagues, but individual subscription is mandatory and we count on your attendance after subscribing.

You will receive a confirmation email after subscription with practical information.


In case you would like to have this session in French or English, please contact to discuss needs and possibilities.


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19 september 2024