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Suivo @ Digital Construction

If there is one trade fair at which Suivo cannot be missed, it is Digital Construction. So, if you’re in the construction industry, visit the fair and Suivo booth, stop by for a drink, a chat. Who knows it’s the starting shot of a beautiful transformation process.

Digital Construction

Digitization is the future, especially in construction!


There is a lot going on in the construction industry…

  • No less than 18 million people earn their living in construction in Europe
  • The sector is growing steadily and, according to certain forecasts, will grow even stronger as a result of major infrastructure works (which governments are planning). It is a sector in which there is little doubt about job security and therefore brings great opportunities.
  • But face it… there are also huge challenges: construction is a sector that puts pressure on our planet and regularization is coming. How do you deal with this as an individual, company and industry?


Digital transformation can help you not only to grow in a future-proof way, but can also lay the foundations for sustainable business.


Why digitize?

  • Successful companies today are all data-driven. Simply, measurement is knowledge. Insights (in locations of your assets and workforce) allow you to make smarter decisions. Just imagine your operations knowing at all times where all your assets are. That enables you to optimize your workflows significantly.
  • The Green Deal is no longer a distant concept and you can be sure that it will have an impact on your entire business operations. You will be required to report certain things clearly.
  • Companies that can demonstrate that they are innovative and sustainable are likely to benefit from more favorable financing models.
  • Digitization will make your entire business more efficient, safer and sustainable. Happy employees, happy customers, healthy business.


The Internet of Things in the Construction Industry

Suivo offers an IoT Cloud platform to collect valuable data and connect the dots that matter. This leads to streamlined business processes.


The optimization is impacting 3 domains:

  • Workforce Management: Automate your Check-in-at-Work, use digital time registration, identification, timesheets, work orders, plan your workforce smarter based on AI, …
  • Asset Management: if all your assets – such as work materials, tools, machines, etc. – are tagged, you can easily identify them, you never lose them again and your employees don’t waste time looking for them. Your inventory becomes a lot easier to manage and your assets are used more efficiently.
  • Vehicle Telematics: know where your vehicles and drivers are, find the best routes, save on fuel, limit your eco-footprint, …


SUIVO SEMINAR: The benefits of Asset / Material Management 2.0! | Room 1 | 10:45 – 11:15 

Suivo is the biggest supporter of your digital transition and we’re more than happy to show you the benefits and ease of use of:

  • locating all your assets
  • inventory of all your assets
  • reservation of assets
  • planning of maintenance and inspection of your assets
  • consulting inspection reports regarding assets
  • allocating costs per asset and/or project

The data allow for more efficient workflows on your sites, on the road, in the warehouses and in the office!
Demonstrations can be given at the Suivo booth.



  • Where: Brussels Kart Expo, Groot-Bijgaarden 
  • When: Tuesday 17th of October
  • Price: Entrance is free, but registration is required






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