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Visit Suivo @ Concrete Day!

The Belgian Concrete Group is organizing the 42nd Edition of the Concrete Day on 13/10/2022 in Leuven. Since Suivo developed solutions specifically for the concrete industry, we obviously want to meet you there. Make upfront an appointment!

Suivo Concrete Day

 What can you expect?

  • Panels
  • Demonstrations
  • Contests
  • Workshops
  • Exhibitors
  • Networking reception (with cocktails!)

Suivo developed specific solutions for the concrete industry, proving IoT and ready-mixed concrete are a great match! No surprise Suivo wants to meet you there! Attend our workshop or visit our booth for a chat. Or even better: do both! 😉


The Suivo Workshop: The Internet of Things (IoT) and Concrete? A perfect match! A digital transition to optimize your workflows.

A digital transition leads to insights to significantly optimize your workflows. We capture data that is relevant for a concrete plant on the Suivo IoT Cloud Platform. We capture sensor data, localization and tracks of your vehicles (concrete mixers) and the task performance of your drivers.

The impact of digitalization is mainly noticeable in 3 areas: Workforce Management, Asset Tracking and Vehicle Telematics; after all, you connect your employees with all the assets they use in their jobs.

We will reveal a few of the advantages:

  • Thanks to the concrete tag and the concrete app, you know whether your mixers are running at full capacity or not and it is much easier to schedule your mixers and personnel.
  • Through the automatic status updates, the dispatcher is always aware of the state of the mixers: the departure from the plant, the start and end of unloading on site, …
  • Realtime tracking ensures that you can locate your vehicles at all times, monitor driving times and analyse driving styles.
  • Easy tachograph downloads of vehicles and driver card.
  • Information, such as digital work orders, can be shared with dispatch via a tablet in the vehicle; this simplifies your administrative tasks.
  • Integrations with your other systems (e.g. Command Alkon, Schwing Stetter, …) are possible!
  • Combine with automated check-in-at-work module
  • Digitizing = sustainable growth!

We’ll present 2 different customer cases with proven results.


Entrance fee: fixed price of € 140 / special price for academics (€ 75)




You can now book your appointment at our booth in advance. You can also indicate with whom you would like to speak.







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