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Driver behavior

Monitor speeding, acceleration, fuel consumption among other things to improve your driver's behavior.

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bus driver data monitoring

Reduce fuel usage

Accelerating, braking, curving (through G-force score), speed and stationing all have a direct impact on fuel usage. Measure, analyse and optimize.

Increase safety

Keep your drivers and the people around them safe by monitoring acceleration and speeding.

Not just measuring...

... also doing something about it. With the smart drive module your driver receives imediate feedback to correct their driving style.

CAN bus

Get an in-dept driving behavior analysis. The CAN bus connection collects data from your engine like cruise control, torque usage, RPM, ...

  • Coach your drivers with the right information at your fingertips. Facts and figures make improving driving behavior a breeze.
  • The Ario add-on detects when your driver is getting sleepy. Use alerts to prevent dangerous situations.
  • Useful and clear reports show how a driver is using the vehicle, and help display behavior and changes over time for effective coaching.

Smart drive

An electronic accelerator pedal and the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) actively interfere with dangerous driving behavior. You configure 2 different types of signals and interventions.

  • Physical alternative when prevention and coaching is not enough. This tool reduces inefficient acceleration, redundant speed and fuel consumption.
  • Active interventions on acceleration or maximum speed are possible with Smart Drive. The device is installed between the gas pedal and the engine.
  • Other configuration options are numerous. Do you want a set limit for certain situations? Or a maximum speed when reversing? All this and much more is possible.

The feature in action

These awesome people already use the Driving Behavior features.

Accurate fleet statistics

Kranen Michielsens specializes in mobile crane rental, transport and industrial assembly. To support their dynamic approach and continue providing an excellent customer service, Michielsens decided to equip 100+ of their hydraulic, caterpillar and mobile tower cranes and 50 vehicles with the Suivo tracking system.

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(NL) Suivo ensures efficient fleet management

Multiobus registers and monitors driving behavior over their complete fleet of auto cars and busses with Suivo soft- and hardware components. Resulting in a noticeable drop of fuel consumption and at the same time an increase of safety for both, chauffeurs and passengers.

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