Multiobus | Suivo ensures efficient fleet management

Multiobus registers and monitors driving behavior over their complete fleet of auto cars and busses with Suivo soft- and hardware components. Resulting in a noticeable drop of fuel consumption and at the same time an increase of safety for both, chauffeurs and passengers.


Multiobus provides scheduled services in Flemish Brabant on behalf of De Lijn, bus trips for individuals, groups, associations and companies and “special transport” for schools, staff and disabled persons.

MULTIOBUS is a group formed by the bus companies Autobussen P. Van Mullem from Boutersem, Van Mullem & sons from Tienen, Demerstee and De Vlinder from Diest.

The challenge

'Real time' follow-up

MULTIOBUS runs a fleet of vehicles consisting of about a hundred scheduled buses, fifteen coaches and about ten school buses. A considerable fleet that requires meticulous management. Olivier Van Mullem : “We use several Suivo solutions. In the first place, there is the track & trace system that follows our vehicles in real time. This is important when De Lijn asks us whether a certain bus left on time or arrived at a certain stop on time. The system also allows us to archive all our journeys and evaluate the journeys made.”

In addition, the drivers use an app developed specifically for Multiobus that assists the driver with his trips. For example, this special app alerts him to changed routes or problems on the road.


The solution

Wide integration

Van Mullem continues: “Each vehicle has a module that analyzes driving behavior.

This module records data such as fuel consumption, braking behavior, accelerations, etc. It helps us to refine the driving style of our drivers. All our drivers received a training and this is reflected in a visible reduction in fuel consumption, a longer life for the vehicles and increased safety. After a while many drivers relapse into old habits and then the permanent follow-up thanks to Suivo helps.

Six of our coaches are equipped with the sleep monitoring system Ario. With Ario, we prevent accidents that are due to sleepiness. The system monitors the driver’s alertness by measuring the microcorrections that the driver makes while driving. If no corrections are detected, a indicator appears on the dashboard first. If the driver does not respond, an audible alarm follows,” Van Mullem specifies.

In addition to the products, we are extremely happy with the cooperation with Suivo. Suivo provides training, continuously improves its products and takes our comments into account.
Olivier Van Mullem

Tacho data digital download

Currently, the group is equipping ten vehicles with immobilizers that prevent misuse of the vehicles.

It is also installing a module in the coaches for downloading the tachograph data remotely. In this way, Multiobus is sure that the data is constantly available and you save valuable time because the coaches no longer have to come to the office.

The results