Zone De Secours VHP

Zone de Secours VHP relies on swift responses. Suivo's real-time tracking and communication ensure efficient emergency interventions, significantly enhancing operational effectiveness and ensuring timely arrival in critical moments.

Zone de Secours Vesdre Hoëgne & Plateau
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The Zone de secours Vesdre Hoëge-Plateau is one of the 34 fire and rescue zones in Belgium, and one of the six located in Liège (Luik). It covers approximately 19 municipalities, spanning an area of around 800 km² and serving 234,000 inhabitants. VHP employs 400 operational agents and 32 administrative and technical agents. They specialize in various areas, including recognition and intervention in dangerous environments, animal rescue, multi-zonal dispatching, and more.

The challenge

For every public safety organization, the primary challenge is arriving on time, as this is crucial for saving lives. Fire departments, like VHP, must ensure they can reach the scene promptly in case of a fire or other emergency. To achieve this, they need to know the location of their vehicles and the optimal routes to take. Effective coordination between dispatch and field personnel is essential, with everyone being aware of their locations at all times.
The fire brigade faces the challenge of optimizing their interventions and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. Quick dispatching of the nearest unit to an emergency is crucial. Drivers need to navigate swiftly and efficiently to the emergency location, using the shortest and fastest routes. Additionally, real-time status updates between dispatchers and drivers are important, as they reduce the need for phone communication and make the processes more transparent and efficient. Collecting and analyzing intervention data is essential for improving future operations.

The solution

Suivo’s system tracks the real-time locations of fire trucks, enabling dispatchers to always know their whereabouts. This allows them to quickly dispatch the nearest unit to an emergency, reducing response times and minimizing the need for phone communication.

Through the Suivo app, drivers receive direct navigation to emergency locations, including shortest routes and the use of tram tracks and bus lanes for rapid response.

Drivers can update their status directly through the Suivo app, providing dispatchers with real-time progress updates on interventions. Suivo seamlessly integrates tracking data into dispatch systems and vehicle navigation screens, ensuring all intervention data is readily available and automatically processed. This capability enables the generation of reports and facilitates analysis to optimize future operations.

The combination of Suivo hardware, such as black boxes and connections for emergency lights and sirens, with software ensures seamless integration between dispatch and vehicles. This integration aids in efficiently managing emergencies by providing immediate situational awareness, thereby supporting informed decision-making and effective team management.

By leveraging collected data and reports, firefighting operations can be thoroughly analyzed and optimized, leading to faster and more precise interventions in the future. These integrated solutions enable firefighters to work faster, more efficiently, and with better coordination, crucial in emergencies where every second counts.

When dealing with interventions where human lives are at stake, every second counts, and this solution makes us faster and more precise in our interventions.
Frédéric L.
Responsable COSI

The results

Watch our video case study featuring Zone de Secours VHP and their integration of Suivo technology. Zone de Secours VHP understands the vital importance of timely responses in emergency situations. With Suivo's advanced real-time tracking and communication solutions, they've optimized their operations, ensuring they can respond swiftly and effectively when every second counts. Watch how Suivo has empowered Zone de Secours VHP to enhance their emergency response capabilities, helping them save time when they need to save lives.


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