The best methods for Check-in-at-work

Attendance registration is often time consuming and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be as can be easily automated and digitalized. How? With Check-in-at-work, also known as CIAW.

Attendance registration is often time consuming and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be as it’s the sort of task that can be easily automated and digitalized.

As the old expression goes, time is money. And that’s increasingly true when you work in mobile teams. Having a transparent overview of work and travel times is vital if you don’t want to quickly run into a lot of administrative problems. Without this overview, how do you know how much to pay your employees if you don’t know exactly how long they’ve been working? And what can you charge customers if you don’t have the exact transport data?

The Check-in-at-work system

The Check-in-at-work system (CIAW system) is a user-friendly solution for construction companies. In Belgium, it comes with the added bonus of ensuring our Belgian customers comply with the national law regarding registering attendance with the RSZ local authorities. The automatic time registration of your employees, plus other data, flow directly into your own software and applications – fully automatic and error-free.

Interested to know more? Here are two flexible methods to keep track of your employees’ working and travel time;

1. On the work site

Depending on your preference, Suivo can place a time clock or site post on your construction site that can be easily moved to your next project when this one finishes. Both options work in the same way: your employees sign in with their individual ConstruBadge or RFID card by simply tapping it against the registration tool and their registration is complete. Super easy, super fast.

2. In the car

Suivo’s registration solutions can also track your employees’ travel times. Here’s how it works: our installer mounts a registration device in all the vehicles in your fleet, which your employees tap with their personal driver card to sign in.

The data you receive shows you the driving time, mileage and mobility allowances. Want to receive even more detailed data, such as real-time status updates of your drivers? Then feel free to check out our Track & Trace solutions. You might also be interested in other options we offer, like API integration and theft protection.

What’s the benefit for you?

“Thanks to Suivo’s time registration methods, one of our customers saves a day a week that he used to devote exclusively to administration. Another customer estimates that it reduces workload by two full-time administration jobs – time that employees can use in a different way.” – Robert Hauboudain, Product Specialist

Time and money. Check-in-at-work systems save you both. Plus, by registering your employees’ time and other data directly in the Suivo web app, mobile app or your own software, you can be certain that the data is error-free too.

Check out this interesting client case we’ve made with Cegelec with our Check-in-at-work solution!

Or this case with B&R Bouwgroep!

Contact us to find out how your company can benefit from CIAW systems.

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